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Introducing Links

We are thrilled to announce a new feature of our platform. Introducing: Links, a powerful new way to display content to your customers, categorize and track engagement without any development.

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New apps are here

We have good news! Our team has been working pretty hard the past months and we can now announce our new web dashboard and mobile apps.

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Welcome 2019

What a great year 2018 was! Now it's time to say goodbye and welcome 2019. Before that, let's review what this year meant for us and what we're expecting from the last year of this decade.

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Introducing Data Filters

We are pleased to announce a brand new feature… Data Filters. We are taking actionable analytics to a whole new level by allowing you to design powerful interactions based on the data you care about.

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Server-Side Event Driven Automation

Even more powerful automation mechanisms for you! As part of our continued effort to bring great new features to our Automation add-on, we're happy to announce Server-Side Event Driven Automation.

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