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Server-Side Event Driven Automation

Even more powerful automation mechanisms for you! As part of our continued effort to bring great new features to our Automation add-on, we're happy to announce Server-Side Event Driven Automation.

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Public Beta for SDK 2.0

It's here! We have released our brand new SDK for Android, iOS, tvOS and HTML5 in public beta. We have substantially improved what you can do with our new set of tools for web and mobile apps.

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Hello! Hoi! Olá!

A long-awaited feature is here. You are now able to create multi-language content for your messages, campaigns, geo-triggers, scannables and automation connectors.

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Congratulations to the Champions

The Football World Cup always is an intense month for marketing messages and this year was no exception. Congratulations to the winners, France and all the French. Specially the ones using our platform.

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