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Quick update about Meltdown & Spectre

Last month Google's Project Zero disclosed details about two major CPU vulnerabilities that shook the world and revealed a design flaw that affects almost all Intel, AMD and ARM processors, which, combined, power most of the world's modern computing devices.

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Pushing into the new year

We start the year by revisiting one of our favourite subjects. We have been advocating for Web Push notifications for a while now, as we see it as the next great marketing move you can make.

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New Shiny Things Are Coming

What a year we must say! In 2017 we've seen the biggest growth so far but we are certain that 2018 will be even better. Let me break it down for you what happened and what is coming soon.

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Every Loyalty Member deserves a Digital Pass

Nowadays, almost every retailer incorporates a loyalty program in their mobile apps, which is a great way of rewarding members and keep them coming back. By introducing such programs, brands develop a great experience that engages customers, increase e-commerce conversion or create drive-to-store moments. This is what a mobile app, with the right platform behind it, can do for you! But there is more to mobile loyalty than the app itself…

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Quick Read about Privacy and Security

We're preparing a new release that will change our default security settings as well as introducing new functionality that will help you to be compliant with new privacy laws that will be in effect in May 2018.

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Moving Away from Google Maps

Although we remain big fans and happy users of the Google Maps APIs for years, we've decided to move away. A new mapping framework is now in place and we would like to share the story with you.

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Build Better Notifications

Whether you're targeting mobile users, browsers or wearables, there's a couple of key points you have to follow to create a successful messaging campaign.

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Throttling Down

Because speed is not always your best friend, take out the pressure from your servers with our Throttle Delivery feature.

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New mobile apps for you!

Manage your apps on the go with new native Android and iOS dashboard apps. Whether you just want to check your message's performance, quickly get stats or pretty much anything else you usually do in your desktop, you can now also do it when you're not at the office!

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