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Congratulations to the Champions

The Football World Cup always is an intense month for marketing messages and this year was no exception. Congratulations to the winners, France and all the French. Specially the ones using our platform.

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Location Services in a GDPR World

Under the new rules, how can you be compliant and still harness the power of location based marketing? It is both an opportunity and a challenge and if done right it can do wonders for your brand.

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GDPR Is Here. Are You Ready?

Next week, EU's new data protection regulation will come into effect. We've already taken steps and implemented features over the last months to ensure you can be compliant. Are you ready for the GDPR?

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Playing Nice With Others

In an era of APIs, it is surprisingly common for us to encounter companies with legacy systems where data interoperability is done easiest using technology invented before the internet age.

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Powerful New Triggers

We've recently introduced a new way of taking your geo and automation triggers to a whole new level. Capture every new moment with certainty and easily create better performing campaigns.

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Personalized Messages

Transactional messages with highly personalized content are the holy grail for any great messaging campaign. We've added some great new functionality that will allow you to start today sending great personalized messages with little or no impact to your current setup.

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