WANTED: DevOps Engineer

What are we looking for?

Notificare is the innovative platform for interactive and contextual notifications for iOS, Android and Web sites. To accommodate our growing business, we are expanding our team.

The nature of our business requires continuous improvement of our products, a rapid response to market demands and quick adoption of evolving technologies. The old days of planning software releases for the long term are far behind us, multiple releases per week or even per day are becoming the norm. On the one hand, this asks for tools that allow systems to grow with the product, on the other hand, this puts a particular demand on the people behind our products. We need to make sure our systems are always available, regardless of actual load, are updateable at any time without disturbing normal operations, and, most importantly, we need to be able to align them with the actual business requirements at hand.

In other words, we are looking for a DevOps engineer that will help us scale to the next level.


  • you are responsible for the configuration, operation, maintenance and improvement of the systems that build and run our products
  • you work together with our developers in continuously testing and deploying releases of bug fixes and new features
  • you make sure the APIs are available at all times and scale accordingly
  • you make sure work is distributed across the system and can handle variations in load
  • you take care of a consistent data store, accommodate its growth and make sure it’s backed up consistently
  • you generate appropriate documentation, from requirements and design documents to operations manuals and playbooks

What we expect from you

  • you have a passion for setting up, maintaining and continuously improving a highly scalable and rapidly evolving distributed system
  • you have a strong security and data privacy mindset
  • you are a fast learner and an enabler for sharing knowledge throughout the organisation
  • you see the products you help create as something you would love to use for yourself
  • you thrive inside a dynamic organization exhibiting a high degree of uncertainty and love the freedom to be extremely creative
  • you are capable of setting your own goals and work schedule and make sure your work aligns with that of others
  • you are excited to join a team that is used to working remotely but know how to face the challenges this brings
  • you are able to look beyond your own expertise and see the bigger picture of our products


  • bachelor’s or master's degree in Computer Science / Software Engineering
  • at least 3 years experience in backend software development
  • at least 3 years experience in systems operations of distributed systems
  • working knowledge of AWS services, tools and APIs
  • ability to use a wide variety of open source technologies and tools
  • comfortable with frequent, incremental code testing and deployment
  • strong grasp of the CI and automation tools out there
  • experience with several coding and scripting languages, such as Node, Python, Ruby and Bash
  • proven data management skills
  • strong analytical and writing skills paired with a background in software development
  • fluent in English language both spoken and written

What do we offer?

  • a small, extremely motivated founder team that envisioned, built and marketed the product themselves
  • a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of a unique product in its expansion stage and help make it scale
  • the freedom to work in our office in Rotterdam or from anywhere you want
  • the option to work either full-time or part-time and be flexible in hours
  • competitive salary and excellent employee benefits
  • bananas

How to apply?

If you think this position would suit you like a glove, please tell us your story in the "motivation" field in the form below. Oh, and since you are a good netizen, we are going to use your LinkedIn profile for a resume. If you don't have a LinkedIn profile, create one first.

Note for recruiters: No agency email and calls please.