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Including mobile as part of your organization's marketing plan is no longer optional as consumers do a significant proportion of their researching, shopping and buying on their smartphones.

Financial marketers need to move beyond single channel silos of marketing, where there is a disconnect between the ways a consumer absorbs marketing and how your organization delivers messages.

For our first mobile app we needed to have direct push notifications with pricing information, customized for the individual end user. With the help of Notificare we have achieved this and received great response from our customers. Thanks to this success we are now expanding the features with all the wishes our customers have and will even use it for online customer satisfaction research.

L.J. van der Spek, ICT Manager at Agro-Energy

Building a strong mobile presence

Delivering an engaging and consistent conversation can enhance the customer experience.
To thrive in the digital age it’s critical to use multi-channel marketing tools.

Measurable campaigns that you can iterate and improve

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Don't compromise data privacy and security

Reach as many channels and devices you can

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