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One Push For All

Effectively reach your audience on their most personal devices. In their desk, pockets or wrists we've got you covered!

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In the right place at the right time

Transform your user location into a relevant notification. Maximize your venue or store with iBeacons.

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Marketing Automation made easy

Segmentation and personalization built for 1 on 1 communication. Put your apps to work effortlessly.

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Powerful Contextual Marketing

Truly contextual marketing features.
Manage who, when and what your users see.

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Marketing analytics for your business

Gather precious data to help you make better decisions. Data-driven solutions that increase your revenue.

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Digital cards that live beyond your app

Create powerful loyalty and reward programs. Say goodbye to paper coupons and plastic loyalty cards.

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Monetize with in-app products

Tap into millions of users in AppStore® and Google Play®. Easily sell virtual goods in your apps.

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Made for developers

Integrate with 3rd party systems with our powerful APIs. React to your app or website events in real time.

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Built for Security

We've taken all the steps necessary to protect your data.
Meet the platform that keeps your customer data secure by applying a risk management standard that includes people, processes and IT systems.

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We have good news! Our team has been working pretty hard the past months and we can now announce our new web dashboard and mobile apps.

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Easy to use. The way you can create segments and get a preview of how the notification will look on you mobile device. A great tool to reach a large group of customers. Great customer service and lots of possibilities with the software.

Hunkemöller have been working with Notificare for the past year to improve our push message functionality via our member app. Not only has it been a pleasure to work with the Notificare team, who have worked closely with us to enhance capabilities to enable us to send highly personalized and targeted messaging, but we have also seen a much higher ROI not only in member level of engagement but also in revenue since we implemented this platform.

At MOBILE STRATEGY we see that it is important to have a solid partner for adding an advanced marketing and communication layer to our apps. With Notificare we can really take the personalized contextual experience to the next level.

I sent out a special push notification in the Amsterdam region about a workshop being held in that area, with great success. It led to 4,000 visits to our website from people clicking on the message. We received 60 registrations for the workshop in two days. Those are big figures that we usually only see when we carry out large promotional campaigns.

We were already doing some things in mobile marketing, but we were looking for an organization with a more far-reaching vision of where mobile marketing is headed in the future. It turned out there is only one candidate that fits the description and that is Notificare.

Thanks to our partnership with Notificare we can go a step further and help our clients get the most out of their apps. We can now reach the end user with relevant messages at home or on the road, regardless of what device they are using, to increase the value for the client.

With Notificare we are able to revolutionize mobile research. Thanks to instant actionable push notifications, our surveys are delivered at the right moment in the right place and as a result more relevant and easier to reply to!

Martine van Mananen, Content Marketeer

Kirsty Montgomery, International CRM Manager at Hunkemöller

Nishant Dogra, Managing Director of Mobile Strategy

Simone van Oosten, Marketer at Red Cross

Rogier van Dodewaard, Site Owner at Staatsloterij

Michiel van Riemsdijk, Director at Yourzine

Ivo Langbroek, Innovation Officer at Blauw Research

Notificare proved to be a creative and reliable partner because of the level of support, creativity and the availability of the team.

Sending notifications to our audience turned out to be a success. We were able to promote our special programs on various different ways using segmentation or geo-location. Through these targeting options, we were able to reach high opening rates.

Guus Benneker, Marketeer - Data Analyst at IFFR

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