Push Notifications

Deliver engaging cross-platform push notifications. Bring the power of smarter notifications to your customer’s desk, pocket, wrist, living room or vehicle.
Rich & Interactive Notifications for Web and Mobile
Finally, you can use one single tool to reach your mobile app and website users. With Notificare, you will interact with your audience regardless of what platform they are using. It doesn't matter if it's a desktop, smartphone, smartwatch, TV or even their car.
Use Rich Content
Craft beautiful messages using rich media elements like images, web pages, videos, maps or digital coupons.

Make your messages shine using all the capabilities each platform can offer.
Actionable and Interactive
Use actionable notifications for the best user interactions that increase conversion and drive your customers directly to the right places in your apps.

Easily grab your customer's feedback and collect all the information you need about their behavior.
In-App Inbox
Offer a convenient message center to your users inside your own app.

With the Inbox feature, available on all our plans, you will have up to 5 times higher conversions rates. It is easy to implement and can be customized to your app's own look & feel.
Advanced Audience Selection
Target customers using what you already know about them, such as demographics, location, interests, behavior, platforms, and devices they use or from data sourced somewhere else.

Effectively create campaigns that reach fine-grained groups of customers and fundamentally increase conversion up to 150%(!) for any type of communication.
Powerful Audience Segmentation
Put your messages to work for you and segment your audience in the most smart and advanced way.

Automatically categorize your customers based on the notifications they opened or the actions they took. Mechanisms that make your app smarter and help you discover your audience.
Iterate & collaborate
Designing your messages is all about transformation and rethinking how things ought to be, versus how they have been.

Most of the times this must be a collaborative work over a period of time. Create templates, save a draft of the messages you compose and let other members of your team contribute before rolling it out to your audience.
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Measure your success
Find out how your messages perform. See how they compare to each other, discover what content works best and which notifications get more attention and reactions.

Improve your messaging strategy based on rich user data that we happily collect and display for you.
Message Personalization
With Notificare's user personalization capabilities, adopting an user-centric messaging strategy is easily achievable.

Create personalized transactional messages like birthday wishes, order confirmations or abandoned cart reminders without draining your development budget.
Multi-Language Campaigns
Hello! Hoi! Olá! Ciao!

Send highly personalized campaigns in any language you care about. In one single campaign, you can localize all your text, media and actions. Go beyond simple translations and design messages that cater to all possible languages, dialects, and lexical variations.
Perfectly timed
Great messages arrive at the perfect time. With Notificare, it's easy to schedule a campaign without breaking a sweat.

Either target users at a certain time or simply configure your campaign to be delivered in the user's timezone.
Repeatable Campaigns
Finding yourself repeating the same message all the time? Quickly clone a previously sent message or configure your scheduled message to be repeated at a certain time.

Reuse a message's content in a few steps or quickly compose repeatable seasonable campaigns. You'll never miss a beat.
Adapts to your limitations
Is our message delivery crashing your website or mobile app backend? Take it down a notch by providing a throttling delivery rate for your messages.

This is probably the last time you'll hear your company IT department complaining about your messaging strategy.