Fan-centric strategy

No longer is it enough to develop content solely to attract eyeballs, seeking the largest audiences possible for advertising and subscription revenues.

Now, you must create fans: active users united by shared ideas, interests, and experiences, who will return every day to your brands and products.

Winning in a world of apps

Tomorrow’s industry landscape is most visible today, on your smartphone,
where users spend two out of every three minutes of their digital media time and where apps dominate.

Engage your audience with actionable content that increases retention

Give your app a voice that is omni-present in your users' pockets

Reach all the new platforms and devices which your users are using

We were already doing some things in mobile marketing, but we were looking for an organization with a more far-reaching vision of where mobile marketing is headed in the future. It turned out there is only one candidate that fits the description and that is Notificare.

Rogier van Dodewaard, Site Owner at Staatsloterij

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