Plans & Pricing

All of our plans are based on users.

In other words, you only pay per user who's installed your app and can receive notifications.

Developer & startup pricing

Online Plans

More Push


50,000 users
  • Rich & Interactive push
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Tags & Segments
  • Website push
  • API access
  • iBeacon compatible
  • 50 Geo-fences
  • Email support
  • Phone support
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Force Push


100,000 users
  • Rich & Interactive push
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Tags & Segments
  • Website push
  • API access
  • iBeacon compatible
  • Unlimited Geo-fences
  • Email support
  • Phone support
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Enterprise Plans

Enterprise 100


100,000 users
  • Everything in Force Push
  • Automation Add-On
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Tailor Made contract
  • Product Training
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Phone support
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custom price
More than 100.000 users or other specific requirements? We will be happy to hear them and offer you the best package possible.
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SMS Pricing

SMS pricing is based on the destination. For high volume or committed use, please contact us.

Text Messages
Mobile Numbers

Feature List

All the functionality packed in our platform and that you can tap into today.


  • iOS, Android, Web Push, Email & SMS
  • Rich & Actionable Content
  • Broadcast Messages
  • Segmented Messages
  • Event Based Messages
  • Advanced Criteria Messages
  • Message Templates
  • Drafts
  • Multi-language Templates & Messages
  • A/B & Multivariate Testing
  • Scheduled & Repeatable Messages
  • Throttle Message Delivery
  • In-App Device Inbox
  • Message placeholders
  • Scheduled Push Campaigns
  • Delivery Report and Stats

Location Services

  • Circular & Polygons Geo-Fences
  • Location Lifetime
  • Historical Visits
  • Geo-Triggered Push Messages
  • Geo-Triggered Push Campaigns
  • iBeacon Support
  • Diverse Location Stats

Audience Management

  • Private Messaging
  • User Categorization
  • User, Device & Location Look Up
  • User Preferences
  • Do Not Disturb per Device
  • Audience Reports and Stats


  • RSS to Push
  • Event-driven Segmentation
  • Event-driven Messaging

In-App Monetization

  • Apple Store & Google Play
  • Consumable and Non-Consumables
  • Server Side Receipt Verification
  • iOS Hosted Content Management
  • Sales Reports & Stats


  • iOS Wallet Passes Support
  • Android and Web Passes Support
  • Passes Remote Update
  • Free Redeem Scanner app
  • Conversion Reports and Stats


  • App Life Cycle Event Stats
  • Pre-defined and Custom Events
  • Configurable Charts
  • Weekly Reports

Contextual Marketing

  • Asset Upload & Management
  • Text File Inline Editing
  • Advanced Criteria for Contextual Content
  • Time Based Asset Delivery
  • Asset Caching and Delivery
  • NFC & QR Code Scannable Tags
  • Short Links (Redirects & Landing Pages)

Data Management

  • User Life Time
  • Data Import & Export
  • Scheduled & Recurrent Import Tasks
  • Server Side and In-App Errors

App & Account Management

  • App Sharing between Accounts
  • IP Whitelist
  • Two Step Verification
  • Password Policy
  • Enterprise App Distribution


Feel free to contact us anytime. Our team will be happy to assist you. If you'd like a guided walk-through of our platform, sign up for a demo.

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Our Customers Love Us

My new best CRM friend. Great customer service. Multiple ideas/suggestions I've suggested have been deployed to production. They really care about their customers needs!

Not only are we happy with the powerful Notificare platform, the Campaign Analysis & Client Success Team also helps us achieve our objectives. By responding adequately to developments within La Place, together with Notificare, we ensure that we can offer our customers the best possible experience and increase customer retention.

Easy to use. The way you can create segments and get a preview of how the notification will look on you mobile device. A great tool to reach a large group of customers. Great customer service and lots of possibilities with the software.

Hunkemöller have been working with Notificare for the past year to improve our push message functionality via our member app. Not only has it been a pleasure to work with the Notificare team, who have worked closely with us to enhance capabilities to enable us to send highly personalized and targeted messaging, but we have also seen a much higher ROI not only in member level of engagement but also in revenue since we implemented this platform.

Notificare proved to be a creative and reliable partner because of the level of support, creativity and the availability of the team. Sending notifications to our audience turned out to be a success. We were able to promote our special programs on various different ways using segmentation or geo-location. Through these targeting options, we were able to reach high opening rates.

At TBWAmobile we see that it is important to have a solid partner for adding an advanced marketing and communication layer to our apps. With Notificare we can really take the personalized contextual experience to the next level.

Louise Douma, Mobile & CRM Campaign specialist at ICI Paris XL

Marie-Suzan Tukker, Brand & CRM manager at La Place

Martine van Mananen, Content Marketeer at NLZIET

Kirsty Montgomery, International CRM Manager at Hunkemöller

Guus Benneker, Marketeer - Data Analyst at IFFR

Nishant Dogra, Founder & CEO of TBWAmobile