Digital Passes that live beyond your app

Reserve a place in your customer’s digital wallet and trigger them to use your loyalty card or redeem special offers. Watch it all convert into actual loyal and engaged customers in ways that traditional reward programs just can not do.

Standalone solution

Tap into millions of Wallet® app users today without much effort. Android or Web? We've got you covered, our solution provides a robust fallback for all other platforms.

Adhere to a familiar format that users just love to use. Breakaway from limitations and bring your loyalty program to the 21st century.

Craft beautiful cards

Enjoy our incredible easy-to-use Pass Designer to craft gorgeous cards that capture the look & feel of your business.

Quickly get going with our predefined set of templates for boarding passes, coupons, tickets, passes and membership cards.

Easy distribution

Take advantage of the flexible nature of how you distribute Wallet® compatible cards. Use your own mobile app to send a push notification or simply add a link in email messages and websites.

Enjoy from our bulk operation features that will get you up and running in no time. No complicated integrations or expertise needed.

Stand out from the crowd

Take advantage of great features like lock-screen-easy-access or alerts when cards are updated. Effortlessly let your customers interact with your brand when it's really relevant.

Create sales moments by increasing the exposure of your brand in your customer's most personal devices.

Gather precious metrics

Track every step of your loyalty program, how many passes you create, distribute, redeem, current memberships and much more.

Integrate with your store's POS, import data from and to your organization CRM or simply use our free scanner app for easy redemption.

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Boarding Passes

Perfect for any airliner, train, bus or boat company. This type of pass offers customers a great level of convenience.

Provide relevant information like gate changes, delay information or easy scanning at airports or stations.

Event Ticketing

Simplify user access to your venue by providing tickets in a format that customers love to use. Say goodbye to printed tickets!

Easily prompt any museum, concert, movie, sports, or theater ticket on your customer's devices.

Membership Cards

Running a loyalty program that rewards users after every purchase? Member cards are perfect for any business trying to make a difference.

Prompt a customer's member card when they are around your store or show real-time updates when their loyalty points change.

Digital Coupons

Easily reward users without traditional paper stamps or plastic gift cards. Offer time-based discounts that expire automatically.

Bring customers back after an abandoned cart or reward them after a big purchase while tracking every step of the process.

Customize it

Digital passes are basically micro applications that stand by themselves. Don't tie yourself to any limitation and let your creativity run free.

Join a growing global trend with a considerable adoption rate. If you are responsible for your business online growth, this is something you can't ignore.

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