Make smarter decisions

Adjust your strategy based on the metrics that matter and measure how changes affect your app's performance. We make sure your data is safe and that you can access it whenever you need it. Data-driven decisions that ultimately make your business better.

Monitor your app's performance

Get all you need to collect your app’s most important indicators and visualize how it performs. How big is your audience? When do they use your app? How is it fragmented?

We make sure this kind of information is accessible at all times and for all our plans.

Measure campaign results

Full-blown stats for your campaigns. At a glance, find all the data you care about your message performance.

Knowing the impact of your campaigns and design decisions is as crucial as the development of your app or website. Don't guess or assume, let real data reveal your business caveats.

Beautiful visualizations

Create and customize your own reports with a few clicks. We do all the heavy lifting of crunching the numbers and display it in beautifully designed charts.

Let your data stand out and guide the way. No time to lose? Get weekly emails with the round-up numbers of the things you care about.

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Track your own KPI's

Track basically anything you want. Measure your most viewed content, marketing campaigns or your most sold products with literally one line of code.

Looking to optimize your app's user experience? Want to find out what design decision converts better? Look no further, this is your solution.

Turn data into Actionable Analytics

Turn every event that your business tracks into powerful segmentation or hyper-relevant campaigns. Leave no one out, great for marketers, business owners, and IT or development teams.

Our unique solution takes web and mobile analytics to a whole different level. Real-time automated decisions that cut costs and increase revenue.

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