Privacy by Design

We've taken all the steps necessary to protect your data.

Meet the platform that keeps your customer data safe.

ISO/IEC27001 certified

We've put the necessary processes in place to ensure and monitor the security of your data. Annual reviews and audits are performed in conformance with the mandatory requirements as set forth by the ISO 27001 norm. Our systems are regularly scanned for vulnerabilities, the validity of data and backups, and penetration tested.

GDPR Compliance

Since we are processing your data and that of your users, we want to make sure those same users can trust you for handling their data with care according to the EU's General Data Protection Regulation.

Data Retention Rates

We’ve removed the complexity involved in enforcing your organization’s data management policies, by automatically discarding data stored in our platform as soon as it reaches your data lifetime thresholds. We've divided the types of data into several categories, allowing you to make a more fine-grained decision on which thresholds you will use before deleting inactive users, devices, notifications or other types of data.

Hardened Security

An interface built to protect your data. Enjoy our built-in industry standards like Password Policy, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), Audit Logs and IP Whitelist by default.

Benefit from our commitment to seek a platform free of vulnerabilities and impervious to attacks.

We keep improving our processes

Benefit from a hardened platform focused on protecting your data.
Meet the requirements of governments around the world when handling personal data.

Protect your company against fines for personal data breaches

Be confident about our organization ability to manage information security risks

Reduce third party scrutiny of your information security requirements

Availability of vital information at all times that certifies our organization awareness about data protection

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