With consumers on the move, engagement and convenience is essential. Step into a world where relevant interactions lead to customer retention.
The future of mobility
It's time for connected cars to tell you they've ended your parking when driving away, your scooter to inform you when it is available and where sharing your bike with friends is at your fingertips.
The perfect platform
Everything you need to provide your customers on the move in one platform. Put all these different channels to work and perfectly time interactions with consumers.

Easily send SMS messages when a customer signs up for a service, or send an email confirmation, and a push notification exactly where and when they need it, that's Notificare! Connected cars, shared mobility - the future requires the most engaging experiences.
The perfect platform
It's a great ride
Since we are an App-Only company, we were searching for a Marketing Automation Platform with a strong focus on Mobile. Notificare helps us to retain and engage our audience with email and push notifications. The experience with the Campaign Analysis & Client Success Team is great! They help us to achieve our objectives. Marketing Platform, Check!
Anouk van de Laan
Marketing Manager at CHECK.
Customer engagement is essential for mobility.
Whether your are planning transactional messages or you have something to give away using a promotional campaign - you can do it in a very special and personal way.
Effective Onboarding
Effective Onboarding
Perfectly design how you welcome your users and achieve higher conversion.
Service & Transactional
Service & Transactional
Considerably improve your servicing and transactional messages using personalization.
Engage & Retain
Engage & Retain
Generate more quality interactions that keep your users coming back for more.
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