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Introducing New Contextual Content Features

We're happy to announce powerful new features that will make your mobile and web apps smarter and maximize the impact of the content you create. For that, we've added an innovative and powerful way of presenting content to your users by combining segmentation, location and device characteristics as the criteria for determining what content will be displayed.

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Beefing Up Security

We've introduced several security features in our first big release of the year that will keep the bad guys away and bring peace of mind to your organization.

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Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

At Notificare, we all agree that 2016 was a remarkable year. No doubt we feel accomplished with all that we've achieved this year, but more important, even more excited with what's on the horizon for 2017.

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How to Master Contextual Marketing

Providing mutual value is the promise of contextual marketing, where you leverage customer demographics, history, behaviour and countless other pieces of contextual DNA, to deepen the relationship with the customer and increase ROI.

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Submit your iOS10 Apps Today!

We are happy to announce our most ambitious iOS SDK release yet. Fully compatible with the latest version of iOS, it leverages all the new features that the Cupertino company rolled-out last week.

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