Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Dec 24 2016
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Our plans are as big as our imagination

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

At Notificare, we all agree that 2016 was a remarkable year. No doubt we feel accomplished with all that we've achieved this year, but more important, even more excited with what's on the horizon for 2017.


We added a bunch of new products that just a year ago sounded megalomaniac for a small team like ours. But we did it! At the same time we also grew our client list by 50% and their users grew almost 150%. For us this is synonymous to success.

Some Numbers


What's next?

There's still a lot of room to grow and work to do, so we expect a 2017 even more challenging. One thing we are sure about is we are not going to stand still and our plans are as big as our imagination.

Here's some of the things we will be working on next year:


Demand in our APIs is growing on a daily basis so this is probably one of the most important jobs for next year. Thanks to solution providers like Amazon Web Services and technologies like Mongo and Node we are able to scale horizontally on demand. This both brings benefits as well as complexity to our DevOps engineers. In 2017 we expect even more developments to tighten security and performance of our platform.

SDK 2.0

It's been 4 years and we've learned a lot of lessons from the architectural decisions we took when designing our SDKs. As our product offering grew our SDKs needed to adapt quickly to both client demands as well as faster platform releases. We are taking a cue from all these lessons and will apply them to a new modular design for our SDK.

Location Services

Of all of our products, this is probably one of the most important features in our platform. We've gathered, analysed and conceptually designed new functionality to take this product to the next level. The first development sprint is already deployed but expect many other releases that will add advanced shapes (Polygons, Lines, etc) geo-fencing, sensor data like temperature, atmospheric pressure or motion to geo triggered messages and many other functionality that will make this product one of the best geo services solutions out there.

Digital Cards & Loyalty Solutions

This is the year to consolidate one of the most promising products of our platform. We will keep adding functionality and increasing our offering of solutions for digital loyalty cards aimed towards retail, sports & events and hospitality. Support for Google and Apple's payment solutions is under way and it will level the field for rewards and loyalty programs. We expect to be part of this revolution and we will be working hard to come up with innovative solutions.


We're also planning to release new products aimed to provide real-time analytics, predictive reports and big data analysis for our clients. These plans include a dedicated task force of our core R&D team, that will probably deliver visible results already in 2017. We do expect that our customers can soon improve their business intelligence based in the data their apps are already generating.


After renewing our ISO 27001 certification for 2017, we could not ignore that with the increasing amount of enterprise clients coming to our platform, the daily growth of data securely saved in our servers and responsibility towards the end-users is the most important showpiece of our platform. We will continue to improve our processes to provide our clients all the guarantees their business needs.

Wrapping up

As always, these plans seem too big of a step for our feet, but like we've seen before, hard work always pays off. That's exactly what we are going to keep doing to become a reference in marketing solutions. As we have learned from the past, the limitation of our work is not in capital invested or the size of your team, but in the will to keep adding value to an increasingly demanding and fast paced industry.

Finally, we would like to wish all our customers, partners and friends a great holiday and see you again in 2017!

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