Deepening relationships through content

Businesses already generate a myriad of great content and own rich customer profile data. Connect the dots and put it all to work with a straight-up, easy-to-use solution that makes all the difference.

Personalized Content

Put your attributed customer data to work. Personalize the customer experience of your mobile app or website by only showing the content your customer identifies with.

Sell more, increase the visibility of less performant items or simply provide an overall better tailored experience.

Minimize development costs

Spend less time solving technical challenges and more time creating great content.

With our solution, you simply need to make sure you upload your files and select who's eligible to see that content.

Increase efficiency

Reduce the pressure of managing the content you create by relying on a platform that helps you reuse, replicate and personalize your apps.

Allow your team to prepare content-powered campaigns upfront that will automatically be published when they are relevant.

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Unlock content discovery

Take advantage of great features like QR Code or NFC Tags scanning to unlock product-related content or provide extremely personal in-store offers.

Bridge the gap between your online marketing strategy and your physical store campaigns.

In-depth conversion stats

Track all your content performance metrics with ease. We will automatically collect all your content stats for you without any extra development needed.

See how your content campaigns compare to each other or how they performed during a certain period of time.

Scale without worries

Go from hundreds to millions without any effort. Serve any number of images, videos or text without worry with servers, databases or filesystems.

Perfect for any kind of organization, from startups to large enterprises, everyone can benefit from our robust infrastructure.

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