Connect, manage, and display content across all channels like email, SMS, Push, social media, websites, anything. Categorize and track engagement without any development!
The link reinvented
A flexible new way of using shortened URLs connected with traditional redirects to an existing web page or mobile app view. Or link it to a standalone landing page.
Supercharged with great functionality like Automatic Segmentation and Event-Driven Automation.
Shorten the URL, branded for you
Shorten every URL, and customize it with your brand's subdomains. We call this a prefix, and you can create as many as you want—the power of a short link with the trust of your brand.
Redirect anywhere
With redirects, you will automatically take your users to where they need to be while gathering insightful metrics and effortlessly creating user segmentation or automated follow-up campaigns.
Create soft landings
Not able to create content on your own server? No problem! Use Links to create Landing Pages hosted on our servers that require nothing more than some markup. Enable your marketing team to quickly launch a campaign without the need for costly development.

And the same way as a redirect, you can also provide different variations for mobile platforms.
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Track conversions
Automatically track every Link click or tap. Without any additional work, you can measure how many times your URLs or landing pages are opened. Don't worry if you forgot a UTM-code. Whenever you want to, you can add it.
Actionable Analytics
Automatically register Custom Events whenever users click or tap on your links. All these events are then rounded up and aggregated, empowering you to generate charts quickly. Use Event-Driven Automation, with our Automation add-on, to create seamless follow-up messaging opportunities.
Advanced segmentation
Go beyond basic redirects or landing pages. Put your Links to work by defining segmentation rules that automatically create groups of users and devices whenever customers click those links. Use these segments and tags later on for follow-up messages or understand who engages with your content.
Universal Links (iOS) and App Links (Android)
Leverage the potential of Dynamic Links that intelligently take your users from a web page, email, or SMS-message to the right place within your mobile app.

Check if the app is installed or not, and respond accordingly. With Links you truly can create a seamless flow across channels. Now you know what we mean when we say Every Superhero Needs a Sidekick!
Works with...
Links are excellent for the App Clips functionality in iOS 14 and Android Instant apps. Using Links to promote apps and foster user acquisition will be a huge trend, with your brand leveraging how users can preview apps by simply clicking a link or scanning NFC-tags or QR-Codes.