Contextual messages that maximize foot-traffic

With consumers gone mobile, retailers have the opportunity to engage and collect valuable customer information using technologies like geo-fencing or iBeacons in their existing mobile apps.

Do you have an edge?

With consumers in a constant state of information overload, attention spams are only getting shorter. Standing out in the market space is a real challenge.

The answer is relevancy and one-to-one experiences. Notificare allows retailers to easily segment consumers based on behavioural data to gain real competitive advantage.

Every superhero needs a sidekick

Use valuable insights collected by your apps to create an omni-channel campaign strategies.
That’s notifications and email working together to create great customer experiences.

Bridge the gap between your mobile audience and your website visitors

Transform your customer's location into valuable information

Run loyalty and rewards programs that maximize your revenue

Data-driven decisions based on on your app and website most important KPIs

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