Geo-Targeting, Geo-fencing & iBeacons

Harness the power of location tracking technologies to bridge the gap between digital and physical customer experiences to promote, engage or create moments of delight among your clients.

Open & locally sourced data

We use OpenStreetMap data to power our maps. Benefit from the largest community of mappers that contribute and maintain location data from all over the world.

Don't worry about usage limitations while plotting geo-positions or performing geo-queries.

Beautiful Maps

Get the greatest user experience from the best looking maps out there. Manage your geographical data with confidence even when handling extensive sets of data.

Thanks to our client and server-side infrastructure anyone can create complex location based marketing campaigns in seconds.

GDPR Ready

Security and privacy are our priority. Easily track consent, provide opt-out mechanisms and safely store valuable location data that only your eyes can see.

Recycle and automate how you discard sensitive data while remaining compliant with worldwide government laws.

Battery-Efficient User Location

Track and store accurate user location without draining the battery of your users' devices. Tap into years of research and improved algorithms that efficiently keep track of your users' moves.

Define thresholds for location data age, how long you keep and use it and discover how your audience spreads out in any geographical area.

Reach Users Anywhere

Easily design location based campaigns that effectively reach your customers, using known point of interests, geographical landmarks or administrative areas.

Contextual and relevant messages that make sense for your users and promote your venues like no other solution.

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Increase Foot-Traffic

Have physical stores or simply want to engage with users in a certain location? Geo-Fencing is the perfect solution to promote and engage users on the move.

Create complex but yet easy-to-manage geo-triggers that increase your campaigns' conversion up to 50%.

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Build Rich Location Profiles

As your users move or interact with your location based campaigns, automate how you enrich their profiles. Create attributes that bring relevance and business intelligence to your campaigns.

Perfect for companies looking to add a 3rd dimension to their loyalty or reward program, provide better user experiences or simply structure their audience.

Indoor Tracking with iBeacons

Break the barriers and limitations of GPS data. Track users when inside your store and when looking at your products.

Deploy a fleet of Bluetooth Low-Energy devices across your venues and easily manage all your iBeacon's triggered campaigns.

Contextual Triggered Messages

Send powerful messages whenever your users enter, dwells or leave your stores or venues. High relevance content shown in the right place at the right time.

Easily combine great content with perfectly timed interactions that increase your sales without draining your marketing budget.

Plug & Play

Your brand can be harnessing location data today! Decrease your app's time-to-market with our battle-tested software that can get you up and running in minutes.

From SME to large enterprises, enjoy from a hardened infrastructure that scales with your business.

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