Throttling Down

Joris Verbogt
Joris Verbogt
Oct 24 2017
Posted in Product Updates

Control the rate at which your messages should be delivered

Throttling Down

Because speed is not always your best friend, take out the pressure from your servers with our Throttle Delivery feature.

The Reasons

Notificare aims to deliver your messages as quickly as possible. Technically, our system can deliver one million notifications under 30 minutes. But for most organizations, this can sometimes put a burden on their infrastructure, taking down websites, micro-services or APIs that are not ready to handle these peaks in capacity.

This is why we've introduced the Throttle Delivery feature, which allows you to control the rate at which your messages should be delivered, making it more predictable how you handle the load in your servers whenever notifications are delivered.

Available for everyone

This feature is now available for every account and in every plan. All you have to do is to provide the rate you see fit whenever you are going to send or schedule a notification.

Throttle Delivery

Based on the selected audience we will compute and predict approximately the amount of time it will take to deliver your message, so you can tweak the rate to meet your needs.

Bottom line

This functionality is pretty straight forward and you can get all the information you want from our documentation located here and if you have any doubts you can always contact us via support@notificare.

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