Roundup - Google I/O & WWDC 2024

Helder Pinhal
Helder Pinhal
Jun 14 2024
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It's that time of the year...

Roundup - Google I/O & WWDC 2024

As the tech industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, this year's Google I/O and Apple's WWDC were packed with groundbreaking announcements and features that will shape the future of technology. Both events put a strong emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI) and privacy, signaling a clear direction for the tech giants.

Google I/O Highlights

Google's focus at this year's I/O was on enhancing user experience through AI-driven features and improved privacy controls. Here are the key announcements:

Private Spaces

One of the standout features in Android 15 is Private Spaces, a new security measure that allows users to store sensitive apps in a separate, secure space on their device. This space is protected by an additional layer of authentication, ensuring that sensitive information remains private. While this feature significantly boosts privacy, it may impact app engagement since notifications and app visibility are restricted when the Private Space is locked.

Improved Do Not Disturb

Google is enhancing its Do Not Disturb (DND) feature, allowing users to customize their DND schedules with more precision. This upgrade brings Android’s DND capabilities closer to Apple's Focus Modes, which were introduced in iOS 15. As these features become more sophisticated, there is potential for reduced engagement with push notifications, as users may not be alerted in real-time.

Wallet Pass Notifications

Google Wallet is also receiving updates that make it easier for apps to communicate pass updates to their users. Brands will be able to send up to three notifications per day to a Google Wallet pass, so you can keep your users in the loop about important changes. You can start leveraging this new capability in Notificare after our release later this month. Stay tuned!

WWDC Highlights

Apple’s WWDC was equally impressive, with significant advancements in AI and privacy. Apple Intelligence was at the forefront, showcasing how AI is integrated into various aspects of their ecosystem.

New Privacy Features

iOS 18 introduces enhanced privacy tools, allowing users to manage app visibility. Users can now lock and hide apps, ensuring that private information remains confidential. This feature mirrors Android's Private Spaces, offering peace of mind that sensitive data won't be inadvertently exposed.

Locking or hiding an app ensures that its content, such as messages or emails, remains concealed in searches, notifications, and other system areas. This mechanism can lead to lower open rates since users may miss some notifications.

Notification Management Improvements

Apple is leveraging AI to improve notification management. With smarter notification summaries, users can see important details like upcoming appointments directly on the lock screen. Additionally, AI will help filter out less important notifications, reducing interruptions while keeping users informed about time-sensitive tasks. This feature could also impact engagement rates for push notifications, as non-critical alerts are less likely to be seen.

Live Activities Updates

Apple’s Live Activities, which provide real-time updates on the lock screen, are getting even better. The introduction of broadcast channels allows developers to send updates to thousands of users with a single request — something available in Notificare since we introduced support for Live Activities.

This functionality is now extended to watchOS, enabling users to receive real-time information on their Apple Watch.

Although Android doesn't have a direct equivalent, Notificare offers tools to emulate this behavior, enhancing user engagement on Android devices. You can find more information about it in our Live Activities on Android blog post.

RCS Support

As predicted and announced in this post, Apple confirmed the arrival of RCS to the iPhone. In a nutshell, Apple embracing RCS means a game-changing upgrade for messaging between Apple and Android users, and it could revolutionize the future of business communication.

We are actively working on RCS, and you will hear more about it, later this year.

New in Apple Wallet

There are also important improvements in Apple Wallet. For example, Apple is set to revolutionize your ticketing experience! Get ready for visually enhanced event tickets in your wallet, packed with a comprehensive guide with detailed information about your venue, and seamless integration with apps like Weather, Calendar and features like Live Activities.

apple wallet poster event ticket

Later this year, Notificare will be adding support for these new Event Tickets, just in time for the official release of iOS 18.

AI AI, Captain!

AI was the star of both Google I/O and WWDC. Both companies are deeply invested in integrating AI into their core products, creating smarter operating systems and applications that assist users in more intuitive ways. From AI-driven user interfaces to intelligent development tools, AI is becoming an integral part of our daily interactions.


This year's Google I/O and WWDC have set the stage for a future where AI and privacy take center stage. With features like Android's Private Spaces and iOS’s advanced privacy controls, users can expect a more secure and personalized experience. Meanwhile, AI continues to enhance how we interact with our devices, making technology smarter and more responsive to our needs. As these advancements roll out, it will be exciting to see how they shape the tech landscape in the coming years.

As always, we hope you liked this article, and if you have any question, we are available via our Support Channel.

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