Apple plans to introduce RCS support in 2024

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Feb 12 2024
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A significant shift in Apple’s strategy...

Apple plans to introduce RCS support in 2024

Ever wondered why your Apple texts dance in blue while your Android buddies' messages strut in green on your iPhone screen? Or pondered why Android aficionados often opt for WhatsApp over plain old SMS?

These quirks boil down to messaging limitations and cross-platform compatibility woes that have puzzled tech enthusiasts for years.

But brace yourself for a game-changer: Rich Communication Services (RCS) is here to revolutionize the messaging game! Picture GIFs, fully authenticated sender IDs, and crisp images – all promising a juicier messaging experience for both Android and Apple users alike.

Yet, amidst this digital revolution, Apple remained coy. Until now. In November 2023, Apple dropped a bombshell: RCS integration is finally on the horizon, slated for rollout sometime in 2024. Cue the excitement!

This isn't just about sprucing up person-to-person (P2P) chats; it's a gateway to a whole new realm of customer communications. Think richer conversations, deeper engagements – the possibilities are endless! So, buckle up – the future of messaging is about to get a lot more colorful!

But what is RCS?

RCS isn't just another messaging protocol; it's the powerhouse behind dynamic chats for Google/Android users, offering a chat experience akin to Apple's iMessage but with its own vibrant flair.

Picture this: RCS chats aren't your typical text exchanges. They're lively conversations brimming with multimedia wonders — imagine browsing the web, sharing maps, and flaunting images — all seamlessly integrated into your native inbox, like the cozy confines of Android Messages.

SMS has been around for 30 years. Although it is still the only way to reach any kind of mobile phone with a text message, it is pretty basic, vulnerable to attacks and lacks encryption. For these reasons, in 2006, a group determined to catapult messaging into the future started working on RCS.

RCS empowers users with advanced communication features and capabilities like read receipts, typing indicators, high-quality media sharing, and more. This makes it a versatile, secure option for modern messaging. RCS isn't just a facelift for SMS; it's a complete makeover, tailored to modern needs.

But here's the real kicker: RCS isn't just about messaging; it's a game-changer poised to shake up the mobile landscape. Imagine ditching clunky apps for seamless, rich messaging experiences. With Apple's adoption, it's not just a possibility; it might be the future.

RCS & Notificare

Up until this point, we've held off on embracing RCS. At Notificare, we're all about engagement channels that can truly connect with a wide audience. Think of it like App & Web Push, Email, SMS, or Digital Wallets — all essential components in our arsenal.

Apple's recent announcement has ignited a firestorm of hope and excitement. With the promise of RCS Universal Profile support, a whole new world of possibilities emerges. Imagine business-driven features seamlessly integrated into RCS, poised to revolutionize how we communicate — both personally and professionally — across Android and iPhone platforms.

Now, this is where it all falls into place for us! We're exploring the possibilities and aiming to roll out an RCS-first experience. And don't worry — we've got a smooth fallback plan to SMS, when RCS is not supported, which we already have in place.


We are! With Notificare, every message is an opportunity, every engagement a chance to build trust. With RCS, the conversation is getting a reboot.

While some details of this announcement might still be shrouded in mystery — like how backend platforms will integrate or ensuring smooth onboarding and compliance — what's crystal clear is the boundless potential it brings.

As always, we are available via our Support Channel for any question you might have.

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