Messaging Power Combos

by Joel Oliveira
Oct 4, 19

Connect the dots between the channels you are using today and easily create new ways of orchestrating your messaging strategy in an omni-channel world.

Here's a handful of examples that will take your brand to new heights and make the most out of our platform.

Being able to identify how your users interact with your brand and what channels they are most active on, is key to an effective messaging strategy with high ROI.

It is also important that you can combine multiple channels and make them work together to achieve complex interactions with minimal effort. This is where Notificare steps in. We allow you to bring your messaging strategy to life by providing what you need to accomplish this vision.

Mobile App + Email

Email is still a popular and effective choice for communication, and combining it with your native mobile app was never this easy. With just a few steps, you can now make sure that an activation email, password reset, order confirmation or shipping status message is delivered effortlessly while using one of the most inexpensive solutions for messaging.

Web + Email

Complement your website with a frictionless email capture form provided by our platform. Quickly convert users into newsletter contacts and increase your next promotional campaign performance. Additionally, you can easily transform event tracking into highly personalized marketing email messages by tapping into our Automation Connectors feature.

Mobile App + SMS

You got your customers to download your app and you are doing perfectly fine by reaching your audience via push notifications, but what if they become less active or leave altogether? Make sure you leverage the power of your mobile app to subscribe your users to text messages quickly. Don't miss the chance to reconnect or re-engage your users as soon as they delete your app.

SMS + Wallet

This power combo enables an entirely mobile solution for messaging and loyalty without the need for an app or even a website. With our Links feature, instantly reward customers by including a short URL in your text messages that allows you to distribute a digital loyalty card, event ticket or coupon, even when your users have a poor cellular connection.

Email + Wallet

Already using email as your preferred channel? Great! Now bring your "A" game by delivering personalized offers to your most loyal users. The perfect low-cost solution to quickly mass-distribute highly engaging promotional content. Do you also have a mobile app? Promote your mobile application in all your digital passes when distributed via email messages and use this powerful combo to convert email contacts into engaged new app users.

Start today!

These are just some of the more effective ways to make the most out of your messaging strategy. If you would like to know more or if you have any questions, we are available, as always, via our Support Channel.