Powerful New Triggers

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Mar 21 2018
Posted in Product Updates

Simplify the way you think about campaigns

Powerful New Triggers

We've recently introduced a new way of taking your geo and automation triggers to a whole new level. Capture every new moment with certainty and easily create better performing campaigns.

Thanks to the feedback of some of our amazing clients and constant iterations by our agile team, we are pushing boundaries by adding a simple yet powerful new feature to our platform. It will change the way you design your location-based messaging campaigns and harness the power of event triggered messages.

Fine-Grained Moments of Delight

Capturing the precise moment at which you reward your users is the key to unlocking successful campaigns with practical results. With this new feature, you are now able to take action at these moments with a higher degree of certainty when designing sophisticated location-based or event trigger campaigns, simply by quantifying your users' behaviour.

You can now quickly design campaigns that take action on the number of times users visited your store or venue and transform those moments into highly relevant messages, rewarding moments or simply powerful new categorizations of your audience.

New Frequency in Geo-Triggers

Although this was already possible with a complex combination of segmentation rules and filters, this new option will simplify the way you think about campaigns and quickly achieve better results.

Also Available in Automation Connectors

If you are already using our powerful Automation add-on, this same concept is also available there for your event triggered campaigns. Capture the best moment to wow your users with the right in-app message or simplify how you build segments for your audience.

New Frequency in Connectors

Take your campaigns to next level, easily reward recurring clients or quantify loyalty.

Go Wild!

This functionality is now available for all our clients and, as always, we are available to answer any questions via our Support Portal or via email.

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