Rotterdam Central District first ‘beaconized’ city district

Robert Leefmans
Jun 13 2014
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This is worldwide the largest iBeacon project

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Whereas NYC experiments with in-store iBeacons and London recently started a retail pilot in Regentstreet, the public-private partnership (of the municipality, developers, owners and tenants) are installing iBeacons throughout the whole city district. This is worldwide the largest iBeacon project and it’s set open for developers!

Online agency Mangrove developed a launching app for Rotterdam Central District (RCD) with use of the marketing suite of Dutch tech startup Notificare making interactive notifications on all mobile devices possible. The plug-in offers app developers an easy end-to-end iBeacon solution.

RCD president Hans de Jonge: “We chose to set the iBeacons™ open so developers can test their ideas on a large scale in the Rotterdam Central District. We also strongly believe iBeacons™ offer possibilities for non-retail. For instance for safety reasons. Checking in via mobile so we can pinpoint at a certain moment who is where in the building.”

About Notificare

The Notificare Mobile Marketing Platform lets you reach out, interact and gain insights from your users on mobile, web and any connected device. Rich and interactive push notifications for iOS, Android and Web. Enhancing apps with location based messages with iBeacon technology.

Press release

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