Mobile Engagement Beyond Just Push Notifications

Robert Leefmans
Robert Leefmans
Jun 19 2023
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8 features that elevate mobile engagement

Mobile Engagement Beyond Just Push Notifications

The mobile landscape continuously evolves, moving beyond traditional push notifications to offer a more comprehensive engagement strategy. A holistic approach to mobile engagement involves the integration of several innovative features that complement push notifications and provide a more dynamic user experience. Let's explore how these features come together to form a complete mobile engagement strategy.

Discover the 8 features that elevate mobile engagement beyond Push notifications.

  1. Inbox
    The Inbox feature provides a convenient message center inside your app, allowing users to reference messages at their convenience. This feature has been shown to lead to up to 5 times higher conversion rates. Its customizability ensures that the inbox suits the look and feel of your app, thereby offering a seamless user experience. Read more about the Inbox

  2. Preference Center
    Preference centers offer users the ability to personalize their experience by setting their preferences. This feature is essential in maintaining user engagement and enhancing satisfaction, as it allows users to control what kind of notifications they receive, when they receive them, and how often. Read more about the Preference Center

  3. In-App Messages
    In-app messages are notifications displayed while users are active within the application. These messages can be highly personalized and interactive, driving users directly to desired locations within your app, thereby increasing conversion rates. Read more about In-app messaging

  4. Dynamic Links
    Dynamic links offer a way to direct users to specific content or areas within an app, enhancing the user journey and engagement. These links can be used in various campaigns across different platforms and can provide valuable insights into user behavior and campaign effectiveness. Read more about Links

  5. Scannables
    Scannables are a unique tool for user engagement, enabling users to interact with their environment and your brand in innovative ways. By scanning QR codes or NFC tags, users can access exclusive content, promotions, or further information about products, offering another layer of interaction and engagement. Read more about Scannables

  6. Mobile Wallet
    Digital wallets offer a convenient way for users to carry digital versions of physical cards such as loyalty cards, coupons, and tickets. The ability to create digital passes for both Apple Wallet and Google Wallet from a single template makes it easier to cater to all users, enhancing their experience and convenience. Read more about Android Wallet and iOS Wallet

  7. Location Services
    Location services add a geospatial dimension to your mobile engagement strategy. By adapting location services to your application's needs, you can provide personalized experiences based on a user's location, enhancing relevance and increasing user engagement. Read more about Location Based Marketing

  8. Live Activities
    Live activities provide real-time data on user engagement and can help in understanding user behavior better. This real-time data can be used to adapt and adjust engagement strategies, ensuring that your mobile engagement remains dynamic and responsive to user behavior. Read more about Live Activities


Mobile engagement is a multifaceted approach that goes well beyond push notifications. Businesses can create a more personalized and comprehensive engagement strategy by utilizing features such as the Inbox, Preference Center, In-App Messages, Dynamic Links, Scannables, Location Services, Live Activities, and the Mobile Wallet. This strategy can cater to a wider audience, increase user engagement, and ultimately drive growth and success.

If you would like to see a demo of these features to enhance your mobile engagement, please don't hesitate to contact our sales team.

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