Smarter Email Links

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Jul 26 2021
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Get more out of your email campaigns

Smarter Email Links

With the upcoming Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection feature included on iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey, the open rate for your Apple Mail users will become useless. More than ever brands will need to rely on Click Through Rates (CTR) as the most important metric to measure an email campaign's performance.

Needless to say that marketers will be looking into ways to make every click count. What if you could easily incorporate smarter hyperlinks in your email content, that besides providing useful metrics, can also augment your content?

Say Hello to Links!

Included for free in all our plans, Links can help you take hyperlinks in email content to a whole new level. Thanks to their unique features, you can easily measure their performance, provide alternative redirects and content depending on what platforms users come from, deep link to native mobile content, automatically segment users or trigger event-based interactions.


This type of Links is ideal for marketers looking to provide alternative versions for each supported platform (iOS, Android or Web) using one single URL. They are perfect for those brands that want to create the best user experience, by redirecting users to the most appropriate content depending on the platform they are coming from.

In most cases, brands use this type of Links to provide a mobile friendly version of the content they target in a CTA. These Links are also a great way of preventing typos or infrastructure failures from ruining your email copy. Because you can edit them at any time, you can easily adjust its individual URL targets mid-campaign and prevent catastrophic failures that could ruin your campaign's performance and annoy your customers.

Landing Page

Pretty much like the previous type, Landing Pages are ideally if you are looking to provide alternative content on different platforms. The main difference is that with this type, you can actually create a HTTPS static page hosted on Notificare. It's perfect for those last minute adjustments that can no longer be deployed on your own website. If used in combination with our Storage add-on, we can even host other assets for you, like images, videos and text files like cascading style sheets or javascript.

Dynamic Link

When it comes to provide a seamless transition between your email content and the right place in your native mobile app, this type is your best friend. This type of links are capable of recognizing if a user has your app installed and provide a sensible fallback if they don't, either by redirecting them to the respective app store page or ultimately to a web version of your content.

They are also the best way to trigger App Clips or Android Instant apps, allowing you to promote your app while offering a stellar experience.

But wait... there's more!

Although these Links are already great for providing insightful metrics and the most appropriate content according to the user's platform, they can offer much more. When used in email campaigns, you can take this feature even further by tracking individual users. For that you simply need to add the following to your Links:{{deviceID}}

By using the device placeholder as a query parameter you will basically unlock a whole new level of functionality. Besides being able to measure unique clicks, you will also be able to benefit from these great features:

Segmentation Rules

These rules allow you to automatically categorize users or individual email addresses. This has the potential to completely change how you target users in follow-up campaigns, by either including or excluding these groups of users based on the links they click without having to plan ahead or develop these features in your website or mobile app.

Actionable Analytics

Just like segmentation rules, events can be triggered automatically when users click these links. You can then use this data to create reports (using our Reports add-on) or automatically trigger event-based campaigns (using our Automation add-on). This functionality can revolutionize how you create follow-up campaigns that automatically triggered based on how users interact with your email message.

With some up-front planning, you can easily transform one or more CTAs in your email content into a sequence of email campaigns that can drive user engagement, revenue and reduce churn. All done through a web interface where no development is required.


These short URLs are huge when it comes to the functionality they provide. And they are not only available for email campaigns. They are also ideal for text messages (SMS), where the size of your messages matters, but they are also powering how most of our clients create content in websites, social media or mobile apps.

As always, we are available via our Support Channel for any questions you might have. If you are interested in seeing this in action, please do not hesitate to request a demo here.

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