Rich & Interactive Push - finally available in both iOS and Android

Joris Verbogt
Joris Verbogt
Sep 12 2014
Posted in Product Updates

Start submitting your iOS 8 apps today!

Rich & Interactive Push - finally available in both iOS and Android

We were thrilled when Apple announced the new remote push messages with actions in iOS 8. Since day one we made this kind of interactions our flagship feature. Already proven to be a great feature in Android, it changed the way users interact with apps, increasing engagement and loyalty. Now, both with notifications coming to the lock screen on Android L as well as these Push Actions on iOS 8, we can offer the same rich experience for all, conveniently sent from a unified composer.


Submit your iOS 8 app today

Start submitting your iOS 8 apps today! Download our new SDK for iOS which contains all the new features your business needs. Also don't forget to take a look into our updated documentation which explains how you can use these new features and what you need to do to adopt it today!

android l

A word on Android L

Also available today is our Android SDK which supports the new upcoming Android release which finally puts our notifications in the heart of the operating system. Download it today and be prepared for the new Material Design and actionable notifications for both platforms in what we think is the most comprehensive Android update so far.

android wear

Android Wear

As announced in April, we are the first mobile marketing platform to fully support the recently launched Android operating system for wearables. Our actionable push notifications benefit from the built-in voice control of Android Wear to quickly execute any actions you use in your notifications. This is already included in our Android SDK and we can't wait for what you'll do with it.


 Watch

We will also be the first mobile marketing platform to adopt the Watch Kit in our iOS SDK. After the exciting announcement of last tuesday, we are already working in how to streamline both wearables platforms in a single and powerful unified dashboard, API and SDKs. Stay tuned for more information about Apple's latest product.

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