A new way to make your website stand out

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Jul 9 2018
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Transform your users location into relevant notifications that work

A new way to make your website stand out

Running a blog, news outlet, e-commerce or simply a corporate website? Find out how to engage, retain and eventually increase ROI for your online presence.

Frictionless Opt-in

With the new GDPR rules, capturing a user's email became a little more complex than what it used to be. Beside displaying a form where users have to type their email to join your mailing list, you also have to make sure that you verify it was really that user that subscribed by sending a confirmation link via that email.

This is not only a bigger hurdle, it is also a poor user experience. This is where website push notifications emerge as a great new alternative to re-engage your visitors and bring them back to your website.

Due to its nature, subscribing users to receive web push is less intrusive than requesting users to provide their email. Built on a consent basis, subscribing users for web push notifications is a one-click process, perfectly complying to existing privacy rules.

Web Push Consent

In the image above you can see what requesting this permission looks like in both Chrome for desktop and mobile. The behaviour is pretty similar for all other browsers supporting web push.

Categorize Users

Another great characteristic about web push messaging is that you can categorize users on-the-fly by creating attributes for your users or even by letting them select which kind of attributes they would like to be included on. This can accelerate how you divide your audience into different groups which will become extremely important later on when you would like to personalize content and engage valuable groups of users in different ways.

Categorize Web Push Users

Supercharge your Content

Becoming user-centric with Notificare is not an option, it's a given fact. Once you've categorized your users, you're one step away of delivering personalized content based on your users' categories, date and time or even their location. This allows your website to effortlessly present different content to different types of users.

Web Push Contextual Content

Our contextual marketing add-on can power all your website banners, CTAs, or landing pages, allowing you to experiment, optimize and iterate without having to worry about storage or scalability. Free yourself from development sprints and complex functionality. Let your creativity go wild without borders.

Personalised Messaging

The same concept can then be applied to your messaging behaviour. Harness the power of our smart notifications to engage with your users and craft personalized messages based on those categories. Deliver any type of content on-demand, and create campaigns whenever you need them without worrying if your website can handle it.

Web Push Example

Drive traffic back to your website instantly in ways no other channel can.

Geo-Targeted Messages

Is your website already collecting your user's location? Would you like to? With Notificare this is a super simple step. Drive your users to your physical stores or create regional campaigns easily.

Location Based Web Push

Transform your users location into relevant notifications that work.

Remind Users

Do your users leave before checking out? If you run a web shop you've probably faced this problem. It's hard to tell what's keeping them from checking out but with web push notifications you can bring them back to your website and quickly let them pick up where they left off.

Abandoned Cart Web Push

Maximize your shop's revenue without draining your marketing budget.

Automate your Communication

With Notificare's powerful automation add-on you can make your website smarter. Automatically transform any new content you publish into web notifications using our RSS to Notifications feature or harness the behaviour of your visitors by defining business rules for every single event happening in your website.

Automation Web Push

Gather Precious Metrics

Pretty much the same way we provide powerful analytics for mobile apps, the same functionality is also available for your websites. This means that any event you track can be transformed into powerful user segmentation or an actionable notification.

Web Push Analytics


As we see an increasing demand for web notifications and anticipating the next big rush in omni-channel communication, we have now prepared new workshops to educate, guide and prepare you for all the challenges this entails. As always, we are available for any question you might have via our support channel.

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