Product Update - May 2020

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
May 29 2020
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This month we've focused on long-awaited features

Product Update - May 2020

This month we've mainly focused on long-awaited features that our team had already been working on for some time. This consolidation is not only of significant importance for the core functionality of our platform, but it will also allow us to embrace with confidence all the new features that are scheduled on our roadmap.

Changes in APNS

We've quietly moved away from the APNS legacy API and its feedback service to the more robust HTTP/2 based API. Besides benefiting from a more secure and highly efficient service, it also introduces a couple of new features that are automatically available for you.

In this new API, you are now able to send larger payloads (4KB), display a single message for repeatable notifications and adopt authentication tokens instead of SSL certificates (although you can still keep using SSL certificates).

Using auth tokens is probably the most noticeable change. This new token-based authentication offers several advantages over SSL certificates. For example, you can now have one single auth token for all your company's apps.

Relative Dates

It is now possible to use relative dates when querying for date fields in Advanced Criteria or Export Jobs.

This new feature becomes essential when creating scheduled/recurrent messages or export jobs, where you can decide upfront an interval instead of a statically pre-defined date.

New in Automation Connectors

We've introduced new data filtering capabilities in automation connectors. These data filters were already available for all your custom events, allowing you to precisely create highly relevant interactions based on the arbitrary data you include with those events.

We are now extending this functionality to allow you to take advantage of other events, automatically registered by us. For certain system events, you can now also use data filters to create automation connectors that can only be triggered if those events contain a certain value.


If you would like to know more and you have any questions, we are available, as always, via our Support Channel.

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