Exploring Notificare's AI features

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Nov 20 2023
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With our new dashboard, new possibilities arise...

Exploring Notificare's AI features

In this post, we will embark on a journey through the cutting-edge features powered by tools like OpenAI and Stability AI in our new dashboard. As first mentioned in this post, back in May, and further explored in this post from July, it is now time to dive into these features unleashed by the recent release of our new dashboard.

AI Providers

As we've outlined in our first post, we've chosen to support the best tools for the job.

OpenAI's breakthroughs in generative AI have ushered in a new era, where the boundaries between human creativity and machine intelligence blur into a harmonious symphony of expression.

We've also chosen to support Stability AI and its famous Stable Diffusion model to allow you to traverse the fascinating landscape of image generation, where pixels transform into visual masterpieces at the stroke of an algorithmic wand.

This means that you can simply create an account with these providers and configure Notificare with the required API credentials. You will then be able to optimize and translate content or generate photorealistic images that you can use in your Push or Email campaigns, In-App Messages or Contextual Content.

And this is just the beginning, we will continue to research more tools and introduce more providers as we go.

Text Generation

OpenAI's GPT models are designed for natural language understanding and generation. They can generate coherent and contextually relevant text based on the input provided. In Notificare, these capabilities can be used to optimize your email's subject line:

You can also optimize the title, subtitle and message for a push notification:

Or a text message:

These capabilities can also be used in our email's drag & drop composer:

Or in our WYSIWYG editor:


Open AI is also powerful enough to generate translations in multiple languages, and it will get you going when it's time to localize your content. In Notificare you can find Open AI's translation capabilities in all our features that support localization.

This means that translating your push, email or text messages, partials, in-app messages or pretty much anywhere we allow localized content, is now much easier.

Image Generation

And of course Open AI and Stability AI are both pretty good at generating high quality images from a text prompt. In Notificare you can let your prompt skills shine, or you can use our pre-defined presets that can aid when you want to create a powerful prompt:

This is available in any feature where you can upload an image allowing you to quickly add images to your content.


Buckle up for a ride into the limitless possibilities of AI, where the extraordinary becomes the norm, and innovation knows no bounds!

AI tools like Open AI and Stability AI excel in text and image generation by leveraging vast datasets, intricate algorithms, and pattern recognition, seamlessly transforming data into rich, coherent narratives and visually stunning representations that transcend traditional human capabilities.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to our Team.

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