Product Update - August 2020

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Aug 28 2020
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We are getting back to work...

Product Update - August 2020

August is always the slowest month at Notificare. After some weeks of vacations, our full team is back, stronger than ever, to make even more awesome stuff. Nevertheless, we still managed to work on a couple of things.

SDK 2.4 RC for Android, iOS and Web

This is it. We are now approaching a final release of our new SDKs. You still have time to test things out before submitting your apps to the stores or fully deploy it in your websites. There are some important updates that you cannot ignore and some cool new features that you can benefit from.

iOS and Android

As mentioned in a previous post, your mobile apps need to adjust for some important changes around Location Services. If you are taking advantage of features like Geofencing and Beacon monitoring this is something you cannot ignore.

Additionally there are small improvements for the inbox and extended support for Universal and App Links.


Besides some small under the hood improvements, we've added support for multi-domains configurations. This allows you to manage your marketing strategy for all your domains from one single Notificare app.

Support for App Clips in Links

Recently, we've announced support for Universal and App Links as described in this post. This month we are extending support for App Clips. We can now create Universal Links for iOS apps that can trigger App Clips in iOS 14 apps.

We think this will be a very popular feature in your iOS apps and we cannot wait to see what you will create with it.

Coming soon...

Our team is getting ready to deliver some more exciting features and I would like to share with you some of the things in the pipeline:


Oh Yeah! This one is finally coming. We are now quickly approaching the release of a long-awaited feature. Soon you will be able define roles with different permissions for our dashboard and APIs.

Customer Journeys

We have been planning this one for some time. Soon, you will be able to design your marketing campaigns from one single place, allowing you to combine all the powerful messaging capabilities of Notificare in one single and easy-to-use interface.

Google Pay support

We are also preparing a large overhaul of our Loyalty solution. This includes adding native support for Google Pay for Passes, extending our reach to how you promote, engage and reward your customers in Android.


Although we love some free time and good weather, it's always great to be back and ready for more. As always, you can find us available for any question you might have via our Support Channel.

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