SDK v3 - Alpha Release

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Jul 9 2021
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Powerful new libraries to help you build better apps

SDK v3 - Alpha Release

We're happy to announce that our next-gen SDK is now available as an alpha release. Written from the ground up, it is the first preview of the work done during the last year. We took all the knowledge and feedback we have been receiving for almost a decade to build the most sophisticated set of libraries out there.

Built with modularity and flexibility in mind, we've used the latest languages and tools at our disposal to bring you the most powerful set of libraries we've ever built. By stepping away from a monolithic set of proprietary libraries in favour of an open-source modular structure with a very small footprint, we are confident that this new generation of mobile libraries will cover all the needs you've been craving.

Ready to take a peek?

We are now ready to allow you to take this new SDK for a spin. Although a substantial amount of modules are still not available, we've decided that is better to receive your feedback as soon as possible. During the upcoming months we are planning to progressively add all the missing functionality, so any developer feedback, bug reports or suggestions will be taken into account.

As of today, you can start testing the following libraries:

Please note that this is still a very early release and some things might still change. Publishing apps in the App Store, Google Play or Huawei App Galley is strongly discouraged.

How to provide feedback?

To embrace the open-source world, all feedback should be reported as issues in our new repositories in GitHub. It is also important to note that any feedback should contain as much information as possible and describe the environment you are using, including operating systems and IDE versions.

Migrating from v2

When adopting these new libraries you will notice that almost everything changes. Migrating your app code will basically require you to include new libraries and change most of the methods you currently use. Unfortunately, this is the price to pay to benefit from a highly performant yet powerful set of libraries with a smaller footprint.

Expected Release Time

We are still some months away from a full stable release. Our best estimate is somewhere during the last quarter of 2021. Most importantly, we will take our time to release battle tested libraries that are bug free.

We understand this post might trigger some questions, and as always, we are available via our Support Channel to clear any doubts you may have.

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