Notificare Platform Launched

Joris Verbogt
Joris Verbogt
Mar 1 2013
Posted in Product Updates

We've been working hard on preparing our backend systems for the next steps

Notificare Platform Launched

Since the successful launch of our famous Notificare App last summer, we've been working hard on preparing our backend systems for the next steps. We envisioned a platform that would bridge the gap between the virtual world and physical, smart connected devices. And we're still working hard every day to make this happen. But because we already developed so much communication infrastructure and software, we decided we would not just keep it to ourselves.

So I can use this myself?

Yes, as of today, any Mobile App developer can use the smart, rich, interactive notifications that are at the heart of the Notificare App. Sign up for a plan (there's even a free one!), download the SDK Library and you'll have the power of Smart Notifications in your app in a matter of minutes.

What does it mean for Notificare App?

Not much. We are still committed to making the Notificare App the best way of controlling your push notifications. Both products share the same technology. As a matter of fact, Notificare App runs on top of the Notificare Platform. Only thing that changes for you as a Notificare App user is the location of your Dashboard. From now on, everything Notificare App related can be found at

So, we welcome you all aboard the Notificare Platform. Whether you're using the App for your notification subscriptions or want to include the power of Smart Notifications in your own app, you all belong to the ever growing family of Notificaristas!

With warmest regards,

Notificare Team

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