SMS Custom Opt-in Commands

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
May 24 2024
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More opt-in mechanisms for your SMS strategy

SMS Custom Opt-in Commands

If you're tapping into the power of text messaging to engage with your customers, securing their consent is the essential first step. Our platform makes it easy with several built-in options.

For instance, you can embed our subscription forms directly on your website to capture phone numbers effortlessly. With Notificare, you have the flexibility to manage these registrations using a double opt-in mechanism, ensuring users confirm their consent.

You can also activate Auto Opt-In, which allows users to automatically subscribe to your SMS campaigns by texting a standard command (START, UNSTOP, or YES) to any of your provisioned numbers. This mechanism uses implied consent, since users are texting you first.

And this month, we're excited to introduce a brand-new feature that will further enhance your ability to gather new subscribers.

Say Hello to Custom Opt-In Commands!

Because brands want to customize their opt-in processes, SMS Custom Opt-In Commands offer a powerful new way to achieve this. This feature is perfect for allowing users to subscribe by texting a specific keyword to any number you provision.

Additionally, this feature supports a confirmation mechanism, enabling a double opt-in process for added compliance.

Getting started is easy. Head over to your SMS service and navigate to the Opt-In & Opt-Out Settings. There, you’ll find a new option:

In this section, you can create as many custom opt-in commands as you need. If implied consent is enough, simply provide an opt-in command:

Optionally, you can define two different messages, one for new subscriptions and another for existing subscriptions (for those users that send the same command more than once).

You can also automatically assign a language, region, tags and user data fields to newly subscribed numbers. These will be ignored for existing users that text any of these commands, except for tags, which we will happily add to any existing phone number.

For a double opt-in mechanism, simply toggle the Require Confirmation and set up one or more confirmation commands and a confirmation message.

It's that straightforward!

Taking it further

If you've subscribed our Automation add-on, you can elevate these subscriptions to a whole new level. Whenever users text any of your provisioned numbers using any of these custom opt-in commands, a new event is registered:

This means that you can create an event-based campaign to further engage with your users after they opt-in:

With an event-based campaign, you can provide more information about your SMS campaign, offer discounts to newly subscribed users, or nurture your new subscribers in any way you see fit.

Ready to acquire more users?

Notificare has dedicated countless hours meeting with mobile carriers, thought leaders, and our amazing clients to understand compliance requirements, industry standards and customer expectations. We continually enhance our platform to provide brands, marketers, and developers with new functionality that not only fits their needs but also complies with the stringent regulations of this industry.

SMS Custom Opt-In Commands is our latest feature, poised to accelerate how brands acquire new users.

As always, you can find us available for any question you might have via our Support Channel.

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