Product Update - September 2021

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Oct 1 2021
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We are back at it with exciting new features

Product Update - September 2021

Bye Summer🌞, Hello Fall🍂! We are back at it with a lot of new features and exciting updates. This is all you need to make the best out of upcoming holiday season.

What's New

In September, we've added the following features:

New Email Editor

This a big one! We've added a new drag & drop editor that will make sure you can create the best responsive email messages that look great in all major email clients.

With an intuitive interface, powerful functionality and built-in templates, you can now kickstart your next email campaign, from scratch, at the speed of light.

MJML Support

It is also a pleasure to announce that we've added support for MJML. If you are familiar with this framework, you can now use your own MJML templates to create email messages.

Enhancements in Custom Events

We've improved the way you query, select and visualize custom events in our dashboard. When querying events, you can now easily select all those custom events your apps generate. It is also possible to see all the custom events performed by your users in their individual activity timelines.

Enhancements in RSS Push Channels

Thanks to our users' feedback, we've also introduced several new improvements in RSS Push Channels. You can now use our powerful criteria selection to define who will receive updates when new articles are published in a RSS feed. Additionally, we've also added support for multiple Tags and Segments for those of you using RSS categories.

SDK 2.7

We've partially released our new SDK 2.7. Start building apps using the latest features available in iOS 15. In the upcoming weeks we expect Android 12 to be officially released, which will then prompt the availability of this SDK as a stable release in Android as well as Cordova/Ionic, Flutter and React Native.

SDK 3.0 Alpha

Also important to note that our SDK v3 is coming soon. Packed with powerful new innovations and using the latest tech available, we think you should consider it for your next app update. More information can be found here.

As always, you can find us available for any question you might have via our Support Channel.

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