Get Started with React Native

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Nov 24 2016
Posted in Product Updates

Designed to co-exist with native code

Get Started with React Native

We have recently added official support to the upcoming framework for mobile native apps built with Javascript.

What's React Native

Built by the Facebook team, React Native let's you build real native apps using only Javascript. It leverages the design patterns from the popular React Javascript framework to achieve the same look and feel of a native iOS and Android app.

Faster Development

React Native promises a faster development cycle, because it allows you to create your app's UI with components that are similar to the native elements by using only Javascript. It comes packed with tools that allow hot-reloading of changes in your code without having to recompiling it every time and remote debugging facilities from your desktop browser.

Plays along with Native code

One of the great characteristics of React Native is that it was designed to co-exist with native code. You can build parts of you app in native code and React Native allows you to bridge those features that you would normally only get with Objective-C or Java to the React JS side of your code without compromise. This is how we've created our own module for React Native, allowing you to have all the great features of Notificare accessible from Javascript.


Although we can understand why one would pick a framework like React Native to develop native apps, we also recognized that it is still in an early stage (currently 0.37) and lot can (and will!) still change. This means that you will need to be aware that by choosing to develop your next app with React, you will need to be prepared for API changes that may completely break with new releases. Rest assured that we are also prepared for these changes to happen and will keep our eyes open whenever new versions are released in order to keep our module up-to-date.

Give it a try, download our module now!

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