Email ideas for your Holiday campaigns

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Dec 4 2023
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It’s the busy season for marketers

Email ideas for your Holiday campaigns

The end of the year is an exciting and stressful time for marketers. The holiday season represents a huge revenue opportunity for all online retailers, regardless of industry or size.

Before launching holiday email campaigns, it's important to define goals. Plan a content calendar, design mobile-friendly and visually appealing emails, and craft compelling subject lines.

Obviously, it's also important to test and optimize your email templates. To ensure the best performance, make sure your audience is segmented and can offer personalization possibilities. Completing these tasks establishes a solid foundation for successful holiday email campaigns.

But let's take a look at some email ideas for your holiday campaigns.

Use a festive design

Holiday-themed content is perfect to share holiday stories and traditions, while promoting products or services. This type of content helps humanize your brand and create a connection with your audience beyond products and promotions.

Decorate your emails with festive graphics, colors, and holiday-themed elements. Make your emails visually appealing to capture the holiday spirit.

Send gift ideas

A great way to increase your online sales is to create a gift idea guide based on your target audience.

Create guides for different audiences (e.g., "Gifts for Him," "Gifts for Her," "Stocking Stuffers"). Include links to the products in your online store and mobile app to make it easy for customers to make a purchase.

It's also a funny idea to provide creative and festive gift wrapping tips. Include visuals or videos demonstrating unique wrapping techniques.

Flash Sales & Last-minute Deals

When time's running out, decisions tend to be on the speedy side! Ever snagged those last-minute Christmas presents because, oops, someone slipped your mind on the list, or you were just caught in the whirlwind of the holiday hustle?

Surprise your subscribers with flash sales that last for a short period. Use attention-grabbing subject lines like "12-Hour Holiday Flash Sale" to entice recipients to open your messages.

Charitable Initiatives

Showcase your company's commitment to social responsibility by highlighting charitable initiatives or partnerships during the holiday season. Encourage customers to get involved and make a difference.

Remember to infuse a sense of joy, gratitude, and community spirit into your charitable incentive emails, aligning the initiative with the warmth and generosity associated with the holiday season.

Show your appreciation

Send heartfelt emails expressing gratitude to your customers for their support throughout the year. Consider including a special discount code or a small token of appreciation.

Express gratitude to your customers with a thank-you email. Include a special discount code as a token of appreciation.

Holiday greetings

Transition from holiday-themed emails to New Year's-themed content. Offer products or services that align with common New Year's resolutions, such as fitness, organization, or self-improvement.

Even if you don’t have an online store, you can send a thank you card to your customers and wish them happy holidays. It’s a simple gesture that shows your interest in your customers.

Advent calendar

Build anticipation by sending daily emails in the form of an advent calendar, starting from December 1st until Christmas Day. Each email can unveil a new surprise, promotion, or exclusive content.

Offer a variety of content behind each "door" of the advent calendar. This could include discounts, product reveals, festive tips, holiday recipes, sneak peeks, or entertaining holiday-themed content.

Delivery time reminders

Delivery time reminders can be crucial, especially during the holiday season when people are making purchases for specific occasions. Send emails reminding customers of the upcoming order deadlines to ensure delivery before the desired date.

Emphasize the urgency and suggest popular products for last-minute shoppers. And of course, don't forget to infuse holiday spirit into delivery notifications.

Personalized Recommendations

Elevate your holiday shopping experience with personalized recommendations tailored to your unique style and preferences, making it easier to discover the perfect festive finds and create memorable moments this season.

Leverage customer data to provide personalized product recommendations based on past purchases or browsing history. Tailor your suggestions to each recipient's preferences.

Year in review

This type of campaign might not be your typical sales superstar in the email marketing world, but it's like giving your brand a turn in the spotlight! Share the victories, sprinkle in some quirks, and let your customers see the real, human side of your company.

Because let's be honest, who doesn't love a behind-the-scenes peek and a chance to get to know the awesome folks behind the scenes?

Countdown to New Year’s Sale

Extend the holiday excitement by counting down to a New Year's sale. Customers will eagerly interact with this anticipated sales event.

Tease upcoming discounts and promotions, feature daily sneak peeks and exclusive offers as they usher in a stylish and savings-filled start to the year ahead.


In summary, holiday email campaigns can serve as powerful tools for driving sales, building relationships, and reinforcing brand presence during festive seasons. The benefits extend beyond immediate revenue to include long-term customer loyalty and valuable insights for business growth.

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