Tags and Segments

Robert Leefmans
Robert Leefmans
Jul 3 2013
Posted in Product Updates

Happy to introduce these two new features

Tags and Segments

Today, we’re happy to introduce two new features on our Smarter Notification platform - Tags and Segments. With Tags and Segments, targeting the right audience becomes so much more advanced.

Our goal has always been to make notifications more relevant for the end users. Receiving the right notification will increase app retention. Now marketers can make sure the right message reaches the right person on the right device.

Tags - Target specific devices and user preferences With Tags we’re adding a powerful feature to our platform. By adding one or more tags, targeted notifications end up on the right device. A tag can also be set by a users giving his preference

What this means: You can now send push notifications to a specific group of devices. For example: both an iPad and a Galaxy Tab can be tagged as "tablet". Now if you want to reach out to all the tablet users, just send the message to the tag ‘tablet’. Tags can also be set by the user. For example defining what kind of notifications he or she wants to receive on their device.

User segments - Segmentation by gender, age or... anything. With user segments you can create target groups. Segmentation by gender, age or however your customer database is segmented.

Combining Tags and Segments with Geo-targeting will enable marketers to take push notifications to the next level. Tags and Segments are new features of our powerful API, which can be integrated in the backend of your app.

If you want to know more about Tags and Segments don’t hesitate to contact sales sales@notifica.re or support support@notifica.re for any questions.

Notificare, Notifications just got smarter.

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