Wishing you a phenomenal 2022

Robert Leefmans
Robert Leefmans
Dec 24 2021
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Amazingly, we are entering our 10th year, and things are just getting started!

Wishing you a phenomenal 2022

This has been a big year for Notificare and everyone who works here. The platform is growing, more channels are added, beautiful clients came in, and we extended the team. Amazingly, we are entering our 10th year, and things are just getting started!

We wouldn't be here without you. And although we didn't see much of each other this year, we did work together closely with all of our partners and clients to increase their Customer Engagement.

However, for many, the past year has been challenging in some way. Therefore, this year, we've decided to donate to the Red Cross for all the great work they've been doing. For years, we've been a proud supporter of the Red Cross.

During the corona crisis, the Red Cross helps with medical care, food, and shelter. Red Cross volunteers support healthcare facilities, help vaccinate the population and distribute food cards. And, they also help those affected by the coronavirus with practical and psychosocial assistance.

Leave a review, and we'll donate more

In 2022 we will continue to support the Red Cross, and for each review that you write about our platform, we will make an extra donation of €10. We are working with Capterra and G2 to gather your opinion. So, please take a moment to write a short review of your experience with our product.

On behalf of the Notificare team, I'm wishing you a phenomenal 2022.

Robert Leefmans
CEO Notificare

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