How to Localize Your Marketing Campaigns

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Sep 28 2020
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Don't get lost in translation

How to Localize Your Marketing Campaigns

Let's face it, we live in a global village, more interconnected than ever. But despite living in a global economy, many customers only care about what’s happening in their neighborhoods and cities. It is also true that 75% of customers will buy products from apps or websites that communicate in their native language.

Why would your messaging strategy be any different? Localization goes beyond translation. It should connect consumers on a personal level, build trust and engage in unique ways. This is why you can't simply copy & paste. You need to adjust your content to deeply reflect language and culture specific behaviors.

Where to Start?

So you have a global brand or a multi-language app or website and you find it really hard to create marketing campaigns. With Notificare, we've made sure that you do not have to do much to create campaigns that can deliver a truly localized experience. We took into account all the intricacies involving creating content or delivering a message internationally.

This means that every bit of a campaign should be customized, not only for a certain country or region but also by taking into account the delivery channel. With Notificare, all your push, email, or SMS campaigns can be localized in every possible region and language combination. For example, what works in European Portuguese will definitely sound alien for people in Brazil. Pretty much the same, a consumer in Brussels will have a totally different purchase behavior than one in Antwerp, despite living in the same country.

The Basic Approach

On a basic level, when using our platform, we will automatically collect the language of a device or browser for you. In most cases, this is the language you will be communicating with your customers and not much needs to be done to start sending multi-language campaigns. By default, we will allow you to create campaigns that can have two or more languages without any effort. This would look like the following when using one of our push, email, or SMS message composers:

With this simplistic approach, you will simply rely on your customer preferred language to deliver your marketing campaign. On its own, this approach can bring great conversion improvements over a single language approach.

Taking it Further

Although the approach described above might fit your bill, it is also possible that your customers are based in countries with more than one official language. Take Switzerland as an example, it's very possible that you need to reach your audience in Italian, French and German.

More importantly, it's very common that brands have their own specific language and region combinations reflected in a mobile app or e-commerce website. When that is the case, most apps or websites allow customers to pick their preference, right on the launch screen, before proceeding to use the app or website.

In Notificare, this selection can also be reflected when registering push devices, email contacts, or SMS numbers. For example, in a mobile app using our SDK, you can quickly define which language and region a user should have by overriding the preferred language:

NotificarePushLib.shared().updatePreferredLanguage("be-FR", completionHandler: {})

Whenever you choose this approach, you can easily transform one single campaign into a cultural-aware marketing message that can deliver highly relevant content for users in the same country with different languages.

Using localized campaigns not only delivers the best results, but you can also measure its performance thanks to our localized conversion stats.

It is also possible that at some point, you will need to simply create one campaign for a certain language and region. Using our advanced criteria for audience selection, you can quickly achieve this:

Additionally, for those of you using our Web Push SDK in your websites, with a multi-domain setup, it is also possible to target different domains differently. By default, we will automatically collect the domain that subscribers used when registering for web push notifications. You can then easily target those users per domain:

This approach not only allows you to target all the different domains you may own, but when used in combination with the preferred language, it can also allow you to reach different language/region combinations within those domains.

Ready to Localize?

We cannot stress enough how important these approaches are when it comes to a truly global brand presence and world-class marketing strategy. You will not only save precious time by quickly adopting these ideas, but it will also produce far better results.

As always, our Sales Team is ready to show you all this works, or if you already a client, you can also contact us if you have any doubts or questions via our Support Channel.

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