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Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Aug 5 2022
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A quick chat with our newest SDR

Meet the people

For this week's Meet the People post, I sat down with Andrea Trabucco, our newest Sales Development Representative. He is a second time Dutch resident and a world traveller. Hailing from Italy, via Australia and Spain, he joined our team with a very specific goal - put Notificare in the hands of many more marketers.

But let gets to know a little bit more Andrea which will probably be the first person that calls you when you request a demo.

When did your interest in the marketing automation begin?

I have always been interested in and fascinated by the power of marketing. The way how companies can influence customers’ perceptions and drive their interests into needs intrigues me (probably because I like to be persuaded by good marketing campaigns). Although I have learned about marketing strategies and best practices during my studies and in my previous working experiences, I knew very little about marketing automation… until a few months ago, I bumped into an opening position at Notificare.

After reading about the company and learning more about the market, I immediately thought that this was going to be my next chapter and that I wanted to proceed with my sales career in this field, which I consider to be the future for many companies. Since day 1 at Notificare, I have learned a lot about marketing automation and I’m sure there is still a lot for me to learn.

What are the major challenges you'll face, in your role, in the next 5 years?

I personally consider that marketing automation is a must-have for modern marketing teams. But, even though everyone may have heard this or read about it, many marketers are still questioning if this would be the right solution for their businesses. The answer is very simple, it’s YES!!! (and this is the most challenging answer to get from prospects sometimes).

Let me tell you something… tech and innovation move pretty fast. If you don’t embrace their continuous changes, you could miss out.

Favourite part about working at Notificare?

There are many favorite parts about working at Notificare. Starting from the people (the core of the company besides the platform), always available and nice to talk with. The freedom of being able to work from the office or from home (with or without a pandemic going on). The open corporate culture and the possibility to make a real impact from day 1. The great view from our office, which allows you to have an amazing view of the skyline of the city of Rotterdam.

Last but not least, the VrijMiBos (for the non Dutchies, the Fridays 5 PM meetings while drinking a beer) with all the staff of the company.

How has your career been shaped by working remotely?

I started my Dutch working career on March 10 2020… exactly one week later, working remotely from home was mandatory (the reason why is pretty obvious). So, I can say that without wanting to, I have mostly worked from home in the past years. It has its pros and cons as everything.

Although I really enjoy going to the office and meeting my colleagues, the freedom that comes with working remotely is incomparable. The job gets done anyway, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

What are you most proud of in your career thus far?

I probably don’t have one specific situation or achievement that I am the most proud of. Life is a journey full of ups and downs, that shape you and make you the person that you are today. So yeah, if I have to choose the proudest highlights of my career, I would say the entire journey.

When not working, where can we find you?

I love traveling to seaside locations and I try to do it as much as possible. Not just because I need sun, warm weather, and seafood, but especially to cultivate one of my passions, scuba diving 🤿 🌊 🐠 🐙. If I can’t go away, I like to sport, any kind of sport.

You can find me running behind a football as well as trying to win the match point on a tennis court… but when the sunlight goes down, you can probably find me at the pub, enjoying a cold beer with the people I played sport with. Hydration is very important after physical activity.

You can get to know more about Andrea by checking his Linkedin page here.

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