Adapting and helping in a world that is changing

Robert Leefmans
Robert Leefmans
Mar 24 2020
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A word in tough times.

Adapting and helping in a world that is changing

In these tough and uncertain times, we would like to reach out to you with positive vibes, words of encouragement, and extend a helping hand. This pandemic is not only taking lives and freedom, disrupting businesses, or causing havoc on a global scale, but it is also unveiling how fragile our societies and how insignificant most of our problems are.

First, my thoughts are with those who are impacted by COVID-19. I wish a quick recovery to all those who are ill. And, of course, the admiration of the medical professionals and everyone else who does everything they can to help.

Second, we all agree that from the ashes, the world will emerge in a very different place. Still, it's vital that we, as a whole, listen and follow local governments and authorities to minimize the scars that this invisible enemy is slowly ripping in the fabric of our lives. So #staypositive and do keep a distance. Flattening the curve by staying home is real and will help save lives, so #staythefuckhome.

Work at Notificare

Fortunately, work at Notificare has suffered little or no impact. Since 2013, we have been advocating and encouraging our staff to work remotely, and most of our operations are done online, especially because our team is spread across multiple locations. Working online is in our DNA. Of course, we are concerned for the well-being of our team, and we are closely monitoring everyone, encouraging them to put their health (including their families) in the first place. We’re committed to keeping our business moving forward.

The Future of Marketing

This crisis will also cause fundamental changes in how businesses approach processes during and particularly in the aftermath of this pandemic. Obviously, vulnerabilities are being exposed for companies that did not fully embrace an online strategy or whose processes are not yet fully digitalized. It's not too late. Now is the time to adapt to a reality where traditional sales, products and services need to make the jump into the digital world.

With our Customer Engagement Platform, we hope we can offer a small stepping stone to help you build the tools that will keep your business alive and prospering in a future where disrupting events like this will happen more often.

A Helping hand

We are also eager to help in any way we can. This immediately translates to opening up our platform for free to any health care organization fighting Covid-19 or any non-profit organization launching projects to tackle any crisis-related problem. We have been a sponsor of the Red Cross for years and continue to support mattering initiatives.

This means that if you represent one of these organizations and you need Push, Email or SMS messaging, location based technologies, analytics, or any other part of our platform, we are honored to contribute and extend a helping hand.

We are also lowering the costs of our Campaign Managing Team for those customers that are struggling to accomplish their marketing goals during these difficult times, where workforces are not at full strength.

For more information on this please contact our Sales Team.

Launched Today...

Finally, we would like to offer to those who are working remotely, some for the first time in their lives, a tool to help you cope with the reality of online meetings. Our team quickly developed an application, made with bits and pieces of a proof-of-concept we've worked on some months ago. Some of this technology is on its way to our platform in the near future.

It will allow you to have a 1-on-1 online meeting without installing an app, signing up for a service or pay any fee. It is totally anonymous, private, and secure. Developed using WebRTC, this peer-to-peer web application allows you to exchange video, voice, text, and files between 2 browsers without any server in the middle.

We call it AirMink and you can quickly start an ephemeral conversation with anyone by simply sharing an URL. Please bear with us that this is a side project, with very low priority, that we are releasing as is. We have no plans to develop it actively, but we would love to see that Airmink can help to reduce the distance.


If you would like to know more, have any questions, or you want to connect an organization that needs an Engagement Platform to help, just drop me an email. As always, our Support Team is available for you via our Support Channel.

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