Location Services in a GDPR World

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
May 30 2018
Posted in Best Practices

Data is more precious than ever

Location Services in a GDPR World

Under the new rules, how can you be compliant and still harness the power of location based marketing? It is both an opportunity and a challenge and if done right it can do wonders for your brand.

Privacy by Design

Companies can no longer neglect how they collect, process and use personal data. Users simply won't accept it and privacy regulations won't allow it.

The awareness that personal data is something brands should cherish and protect creates an opportunity to build a trust relationship, but at the same time poses a challenge, because you need to be transparent about what you collect, how you are going to use it and for how long you intend to keep it.

On top of this, it is particularly important that you handle all this data in a secure manner. More than ever, a DIY solution for location data is a liability, considering the penalties companies risk paying in case something goes wrong. These should be enough reasons for you to choose to go with a platform like Notificare.

Clear & Simplified Permission Requests

With the GDPR, whenever you want to collect personal data, you are required to explain in clear an simple language what data you collect, how you will use it and when you will discard it. This means that you may need to pack way more information in your on-boarding screens for new users or when asking consent from existing users.

What you will want to include

  • Make sure your Terms of Service and Privacy Policies are updated with simple language (legalese is a no-no)
  • Describe exactly who you share this data with and what you do to keep it secure (when using Notificare you have the guarantee that we follow best practices and are audited regularly as required by the ISO/IEC27001 certification)
  • Register users' consent before collecting any personal data
  • Make sure you remind your users where and how to opt-out in case they change their minds

You should not consider this an optional step. Both Android and iOS app stores are adjusting to the new European regulation and there's even reports of Apple removing apps that do not clearly state location data is shared with 3rd parties. This approach, although it may sound complex and costly, will eventually yield higher returns in the long term.

Your users are more likely to trust your brand with their data if they can see you are making all the efforts to keep them safe.

Data Lifetime

One other requirement from these new rules is that you discard data that is no longer necessary. In case of location data, you will want to delete user location if they uninstall your app or opt-out from location services. With Notificare you have several mechanisms to help your apps be compliant. We support functionality that quickly let's you define location data retention rates without too much sweat.

Provide an Opt-out

It is also required that you provide means that allow users to opt-out whenever they want. This not only allows you to comply with current regulations but is also another argument that can convince your users to trust their data with you, knowing that at any moment they can decide to stop it.

Bottom line

Data is more precious than ever and you need to do everything you can to demonstrate your company provides added value from users' data. This new European regulation levels the playing field as it will force almost all companies to step up their game, providing better services and ultimately benefiting users. As always, feel free to contact our team via email in case you need more information. We can also hire one of our experts for a more in-depth or hands-on workshop.

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