Firebase's Dynamic Links is shutting down

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Sep 11 2023
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Firebase will sunset yet another service

Firebase's Dynamic Links is shutting down

Another month, another service shutdown announcement from Firebase. Last month, we've published a post about Firebase's legacy Cloud Messaging APIs scheduled to be shut down in 2024. And this month, we want to bring to your attention yet another service that will be shut down in 2025. We are talking about Firebase's Dynamic Links.

Firebase's Dynamic Links offered a pretty good solution for powerful links, allowing businesses to create URLs that dynamically changed based on run-time conditions. For many years, it allowed users to improve the app's post-install experience, regardless of the platform.

Over the years that experience was slowly crippled with changes in the web and mobile ecosystems and the introduction of native solutions like App Links, Google Play Instant, Universal Links and App Clips. This led them to decide to shut down a service that is probably used by many of you. This change will require time for you to evaluate other options and make the appropriate changes to your apps.

But fear not, Notificare offers a pretty powerful solution that can provide a similar experience, and even allow you to take it a few steps further.

When will it shut down?

You do have a sufficiently generous timeframe for migration. This service will be shutting down on August 25, 2025. After that, all links served on subdomains as well as in your custom domains will stop working. They've already stopped providing updates outside any critical or security issues, and you will also not be able to create new links in the near future.

What you need to do?

Before August 25, 2025, you will need to look for alternatives for these links. Because these links are configured in mobiles apps, you need to ultimately update your apps in both App Store and Google Play.

This change might have a deep impact in your business, depending on your usage of Firebase's Dynamic Links. For some, this might simply mean adopting new deep links in your ads or messaging campaigns, for others this might make offline literature obsolete.

Notificare's Links

For some years, we have been providing a smarter solution for URLs. From simple redirects, to landing pages or universal links, Notificare's Links are used by companies of all sizes to provide short and flexible URLs that you can measure and augment with powerful features like automatic segmentation or actionable analytics.

Implementing our Links in your apps is also pretty simple. Thanks to our SDK, it's easy to provide a seamless app experience from web to app content as well as from other channels like Email and SMS. You can even use them as deep links in push messaging campaigns.

Ready to make the change?

Although you do have some time to evaluate your options, this migration might require some planning and orchestration. And because these links are a crucial part of how you improve user engagement, simplify onboarding, and create a seamless bridge between web, email, text messages and app content, it's not something you want to ignore or neglect.

As always, if you have any doubts, feel free to reach our support team for any additional information.

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