Cloud Messaging API Deprecation

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Aug 7 2023
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Firebase will sunset this API next year

Cloud Messaging API Deprecation

Firebase recently announced that it will sunset the legacy Cloud Messaging API on June 2024. As a result, if your app is currently using this API to send messages to Android devices, you should consider adopting the Firebase Cloud Messaging API v1 soon.

Although Notificare supports both Firebase Cloud Messaging API v1 and Cloud Messaging API (legacy) for a while now, if you still use the legacy API, you have now less than a year to make the change. Soon we will also make it impossible for new apps to use the legacy API, in order to promote and entice customers to adopt the FCM v1 API.

What do I have to do?

The change is also pretty simple. The Firebase Cloud Messaging API v1 requires a service account in order to interact with it. All you need to do is generate one and create a key. You will then be able to download a JSON file that you can upload to Notificare:

These steps are explained in detail in our guides located here.

Once you've uploaded a service account, Notificare will automatically use the Firebase Cloud Messaging API v1, even if you leave your legacy server key in our FCM configuration page.

Still using Firebase?

If you use Firebase to handle your app or web push messaging campaigns, then rebuilding your messaging infrastructure is likely a though job. This might be the ideal time to make the switch to Notificare. Although Notificare also leverages FCM to send push messages, it provides much more functionality than Firebase's console and APIs.

Notificare offers a powerful messaging platform with great features like personalization, localization, batching mechanisms, event-driven messaging, scheduling, recurrence and throttling. Additionally, thanks to our state-of-the-art SDK, you can also quickly add other features to your apps, like in-app messages, live activities, a mighty in-app inbox or geofencing and proximity marketing with BTLE beacons.

And if you also want to reach your customers using other channels, Notificare offers a powerful solution for Email, SMS and Digital Wallets.

Ready to make the change?

Don't let this change stop you on your tracks. We've handle the heavy lifting so that you will be able to get up to speed with a couple of simple and quick steps.

If you have any doubts feel free to reach out or create a demo app and see all this in action for yourself.

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