Customized Reports & Weekly Digest

Robert Leefmans
Robert Leefmans
Jun 21 2021
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How to regularly monitor your retention channels

Customized Reports & Weekly Digest

We all know that measuring your marketing effort is essential for all the digital interactions you establish. However, you often have little time, yet you want to keep a grip on your most important KPIs. You need a comprehensive report to discover changes that need your attention quickly.

A frequently used feature, within the Notificare platform, is the Weekly Report. Every Friday morning after you subscribe to it (Settings > Services > Reports), you will receive a Weekly Report in your email inbox. This email contains a clear call to action that leads you to your weekly digest online.

Weekly Report

The first thing you'll see in this weekly digest is how your retention channels have been performing over the past week. It shows a perfect glance at what's really important. Up and down arrows represent the difference over the last 7 days. Did your users churn, or did you reach your planned growth?

Of course, in addition to these KPIs, you have many other vital metrics for you and your team. You can easily add these to your weekly digest by simply creating new charts in the Reports area.

Custom Reports

As already explained in a previous blog post, you can use Notificare's event tracking to analyze any kind of behavior in your app, email, website, or SMS message. Because every marketing channel is unique to your organization, you can choose exactly what you want to track with Custom Events. Once these events are logged, you can use them to create new charts. These beautifully generated charts will quickly give you helpful insights. After you've done this, these figures also appear in your weekly digest.

Involve your Team

These weekly reports are helpful not only for you to keep a grip on your marketing activities but also for your other T-shaped marketer team members. For them, it's also essential to know how their marketing activities resonate within the customer engagement expertise. That's why you can invite your colleagues as Reporters within our platform. This will give them the opportunity to deep dive if needed and read the same weekly reports to get a feel for these numbers.

Get in Control

With Weekly Reports, we make it super easy to stay on top of your marketing performance, especially if you have automated much of your work. If you need help setting up Custom Reports or tracking suitable events, please feel free to contact one of our Engineers.

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