Product Update - June 2020

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Jul 3 2020
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New SDK release and several improvements all around

Product Update - June 2020

In June, we've mainly focused our efforts on delivering our SDK 2.3 release. With several bug fixes, dependency updates and performance improvements, this latest version adds great new functionality to the in-app inbox.

What's new in the Inbox

We've added some great features for the inbox that your mobile and web apps can now benefit from. These were long-awaited features that can now be enjoyed in Android, iOS, tvOS, Web, React Native, Flutter and Cordova.


You can now send messages that generate remote push notifications but will not be visible in the inbox. This is great for those messages that you only want to show once in the device's notification center.


It is now also possible to send messages that will be in your app's inbox but will expire after a certain amount of time. This is great for all those messages that you want to make sure are no longer available after your campaign ends.

We've covered this release in more detail in a previous post.

Huawei Mobile Services in beta

You can now start enjoying all the features of our platform in apps developed for Huawei devices that do not include Google Play Services. Tap into millions of users and quickly port your current Android app to a version that you can submit to Huawei's AppGallery, while still enjoying features like Push Notifications, Location Services, Digital Wallet and In-App Billing.

A good example of this is how fast our team was able to port our own Android apps to a version that could be released in the AppGallery:

Dashboard App

Notificare Dashboard

Scanner App

Notificare Scanner

Other Improvements

We've also released several bug fixes, improvements and important new features in our dashboard and APIs. We're rounding up a list of all the new things you can find in our web interface:

  • Automatic selection of actionable markup for web pages
  • Preloading of your most recently uploaded files when selecting existing files
  • Possibility to add external files in lock screen images
  • Support for placeholders in lock screen images
  • HMS configuration page in Services (beta)


We are very excited with these new features and overall improvements but we do understand you might have any questions or doubts. If you do, don't hesitate and contact us via our Support Channel.

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