Location-based messages

Joris Verbogt
Joris Verbogt
Feb 14 2014
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Take advantage of the best functionality mobile platforms can offer

Location-based messages

You all know how you can use geo-targeting to drill down on your user base and only send relevant push messages to those in a specific location. This helps you segment your users and attract them based on where they are right now. But since your users are on the move, this doesn't always let you reach them when they actually are in the neighbourhood. We have some good news for you! By adding two important new features, we are turning Notificare into an end-to-end solution for location-based messages:


locationbased geofencing With the new SDK your app will be able to take advantage of the best functionality mobile platforms can offer. As your users move around, we can give your application the power to reach them when the context is right.

It has never been this easy to send rich and interactive content when your users enter or leave a certain area. Greet your customers, give them special offers or simply categorize them. A powerful solution any of your apps can benefit from. From the dashboard, you can quickly create geo-triggered messages using a simple and easy-to-use interface. You can change the frequency of your messages, range or content. All of a sudden, you have an easy way of managing location based messages that extend and maximize your offline campaigns.

Micro-location and beacons

With the ever-increasing number of personal connected devices like smart watches and fitness bands, which require mobile devices to be Bluetooth-enabled, you can harness yet another channel. Using Notificare Bluetooth Low Energy beacons, your app can now gather information or present content when your customers are physically in your store or venue. Detect their proximity to display more information about the product they are looking at, either on their devices or on additional screens.

locationbased microlocation


Both of these features are currently in Beta, but you can already test them out by downloading the latest SDK. For now, they are only available on iOS, but we are working on the Android version too.

If you are interested in using Bluetooth beacons, we can provide you with the necessary hardware. Please contact sales@notifica.re for more information.

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