Introducing Messaging Limit

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Feb 3 2023
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A very simple way of tackling marketing pressure

Introducing Messaging Limit

Most brands pay attention to when and how often they touch base with their customers. They often define their marketing pressure from industry leading research studies, by taking cues from their competitors or simply by using common sense.

But when you add App & Web Push, Email and SMS, defining what is a healthy amount of messages you should send to a given user within a period of time, can easily become a pretty complex question to answer.

Enter Messaging Limit

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our platform, Messaging Limit. With this new feature, you can define a maximum number of messages our platform can send to users, during a specific period of time.

This new feature becomes pretty interesting for those marketing teams exploring highly contextual messaging strategies, where user-initiated messages play a huge role in their overall strategy. When you add location based messaging (geofencing and beacons) or behaviour based campaigns (based on pages or products viewed) to your occasional staff-initiated campaigns, things can easily get out of hand.

This is where this new feature can help you fight messaging fatigue. Starting today, you can find a new option in Settings > Configure App:

Basically, you can easily define the maximum amount of messages a single push device, email contact or phone number can receive per hour, day, week or month.

Assuming that you've probably already worked out what your brand's marketing pressure threshold is, it is then pretty simple to configure your app accordingly.

Breaking through...

But there are exceptional cases where you want to make sure your messages reach your users. We are talking about all those transactional messages that you don't want users to miss. From account activations to one-time passwords or order confirmations to shipping status, these messages are simply too important to be skipped.

This is why, once you've configured a messaging limit for your app, you can also break through this limit using a new option available in our push, email or SMS composers:

By enabling this option, on a per-message basis, we will ignore the messaging limit you set and still deliver your messages. This way, you can easily configure any transactional messages or time-sensitive campaigns to reach customer no matter how many messages they've received.

Obviously, this is also available for those of you who use our REST API to trigger this type of messages.


Marketing pressure has been an important topic for brands since the dawn of advertising. And although most brands we work with do a pretty good job, it is easy to lose sight. With this new feature, marketing teams can rest assure that even small oversights, when setting up a campaign, don't negatively affect their overall messaging strategy and ultimately its performance.

As always, you can find us available for any question you might have via our Support Channel.

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