Product Update - June 2021

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Jul 2 2021
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We are now ready for the Summer

Product Update - June 2021

Oh yeah, Summer! While enjoying some cold drinks and watching football, our team was able to release some more features, give you a glimpse of our new SDK and play around with some unorthodox ways of using digital cards.

What's New

In June, we've added the following features:

Dashboard Improvements

We've tweaked quite a lot of stuff in our dashboard. We've added new metrics in your app's overview stats, plenty of new bits of information in events lists and a new data comparison line on time series charts.

Loyalty Programs

During this private beta period for the new Loyalty add-on, we keep adding new features. The new programs engine will take care of creating, updating and managing loyalty profiles according to a powerful set of rules and conditions.

SDK v3

We are happy to announce that our new SDK is now publicly available. Although you should not use it in production apps, we welcome you to test this new open source set of libraries that are the future of Notificare. During the upcoming months, we will continue this alpha release test while adding all the features and modules that are still missing. Of course, your feedback is important and very much appreciated.

In case you've missed it...

Because we love football, we could not help ourselves from creating something special for this year's EURO 2020. By using data sourced from an API, a powerful Lambda function and an iOS Wallet compatible pass, we've created the easiest way of getting updates about all the games in this competition. You still in time to add it to your Wallet and receive live score updates. Read more here.

As always, you can find us available for any question you might have via our Support Channel.

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